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Kansas Jayhawks Football at Oklahoma State Cowboys Recap: KU loses 58-17, Zenger and Beaty keep jobs.

As we all feared, the demolition at the hands of OSU carried no consequences for the incompetent leadership.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports


The Kansas Jayhawks were not expected to compete in this game. The Oklahoma State Cowboys were 41 point favorites for a reason.

But once again the loss was littered not with players that were overmatched, but instead by players that were not set up correctly on defense, offensive linemen who couldn't block for more than 2 seconds, and special teams players who couldn't find someone to block. In other words, the players on the field were mirroring the incompetence found on the sidelines.

The only bright spots in the entire game were the 50-yard field goal that Gabriel Rui kicked to open up the KU scoring, and the drive of Steven Sims Jr, where he started with a 49-yard out return and finished with a diving TD.

#FireZenger #FireBeaty

To be honest, I wasn't expecting an immediate firing. But I was not expecting to see this:


It's obvious that Zenger is trying to shift the focus off of the failures of this year. We can't let anyone forget. Keep tweeting, keep emailing the chancellor at, keep making sure your voice gets heard.

#FireZenger #FireZenger #FireZenger