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Kansas at Oklahoma State Open Game Thread

Hooray! The circus is finally ending!

Kansas v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Have you all seen that Direct TV commercial? You know, the one where they talk about the people that like to repeatedly hit their head on a low bar? Or drink spoiled milk? Or any other number of horrifying things? I feel like someone could add “watch Kansas Football” to that list and it would fit in just perfectly.

But don’t worry, that’s all coming to an end.

Regardless of how lopsided the score is, this is the last chance for Kansas football hostages fans to see their team in action until next year.

Kansas is 1-10 and coming off a 41-3 loss at home to Oklahoma

Oklahoma State is ranked #19 and is coming off a 45-40 loss at home against Kansas State.

The Sooners lead the overall series 36-29-2 and have won the last 7 in a row. Somehow, they are only 15-14-1 in Stillwater.

And don’t forget, #FireZenger