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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Can Kansas possibly finish off the season with a semi-close game?

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State

Mercifully, the season is just about over. The Kansas Jayhawks finish out the season on the road against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and the junior captains have relinquished their spots for some of our departing seniors. Can those seniors spur KU to an incredible win in their final college game? Check out what our writing staff thinks, and then give us your prediction below.

Fizzle406: After another ill-advised no handshake gesture by the Kansas captains, a newly motivated OSU scores 6 touchdowns in the first quarter. It's 72-0 at halftime, which leads to the firing of Zenger and Beaty. The rest of the team decides to head home early to beat traffic. With no defense to stop them, OSU easily scores 200 in the second half. Oklahoma State 272, Kansas 0

Mike.Plank: I Am Sad. #FireZenger. Oklahoma State 77, Kansas 19 (because of course we will be kicking at least four field goals)

dnoll5: Is Barry Sanders playing in this game? No? Well then, let’s be positive. Kansas will hold OSU to under 100 points. Seriously, when will these teams roll up the score on this Kansas team? It’s almost as if the opposing coaches know that if they destroy KU too hard they won’t have Beaty and Zenger back next year to easily beat again using backups. #FireZenger, #SackZenger, #CanZenger. Oklahoma State as much as they want, Kansas 6.

Jakebogen: I am assuming that soon-to-be NFL QB Mason Rudolph is not going to hold back. I expect the Oklahoma State Cowboys to lay waste to a Kansas team that might need to just clean house. I like Beatty and the recruiting pipelines that come with him but eventually Kansas needs to show that they can be competitive in the Big 12 or else they might get kicked out. Probably not but still there is no Big 12 in basketball like Kansas is at football. Eventually I expect Kansas to pile on enough experience to finally build back up the program but this is definitely the dark age of KU football as we know it… Mason Rudolph’s Troops 62, #FireZenger 12

Andy Mitts: It’s about to get uglier. I just don’t see how Kansas is able to do anything to make this one even mildly competitive. The Jayhawks send their seniors out with another disappointing loss, and we all finally get to put this disaster of a season behind us. Hopefully we finish up with a heavy dose of #FireZenger, but I’m not too hopeful. Oklahoma State 52, Kansas 9.