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Notebook: No change in Billy Preston’s status

Today was gonna be the day but they’ll never #FireZenger

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Self said last night that there’s no change to Billy Preston’s status, and that KU is preparing to play without him on Friday night.

Our very own fetch has his preview of South Dakota State coming up later today, but to tide you over, Matt Tait has his preview up.

Here’s a preview from a South Dakota perspective.

ESPN calls Kansas “the Atlanta Braves of college basketball.” Harsh, but fair?

Former Illinois guard Deron Williams called Quentin Grimes and made a pitch for Bill Self and the Jayhawks.

Doug Meacham breaks down Carter Stanley’s 3 INTs versus Texas, and says the offensive line is partially to blame on at least two of them.

Pro Football Focus grades basically tell us what we already know - KU has a few good players, but not enough of them.

Three-star offensive line recruit Nick Williams is staying committed to Kansas despite being recruited by Minnesota, Illinois, and Central Florida.

I know fizzle linked it yesterday, but just wanted to mention ICYMI that KU Volleyball got swept by Texas earlier this week and is down to #16 in the poll. The first two sets were competitive, but once again KU couldn’t close against the Longhorns, and went out with a whimper in the third set. However, Madison Rigdon returned to the court midway through the second set after sitting out three games due to an undisclosed injury. Hopefully she will be back at full strength soon, because the Jayhawks will need her if they’re going to go anywhere in the Tournament.

In your “big whoop, who cares” news of the day, K-State and Missouri have scheduled a home-and-home series in football.

All is not well in the Wildcat family, however, as Bill Snyder still wants Sean to take over when he retires. There appears to be some, uh, let’s say disagreement in K-State circles with that plan.

This score can’t be right - I was told Missouri was a Final Four team this year.

Garden City (KS) Community College removed a basketball player from the team after he continued shooting baskets during the national anthem.

So Marcus Smart “flopped” when his own teammate pushed him in the back, and ended up with an offensive goal-tending call. I say “flopped” because he didn’t fall to the floor but flailed his arms around like he really got hammered.

Rae Carruth will be released from prison around the same time that the son he never wanted turns 19. This is an interesting and difficult story to read.