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Notebook: Kansas Chancellor comes out in support of athletic director

Cuz all I wanna do is #FireZenger; I got a feelin, I’m not the only one

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports


So I can’t decide, is the Kentucky game tonight the top story, or is the “vote of confidence” in Zenger/Beaty from the Chancellor the top story?

Tom Keegan writes that winning in football apparently doesn’t mean as much now as it did six years ago.

Will Kentucky’s youth or KU’s experience win out tonight?


Jesse Newell did a great job of reporting on Girod’s statement without offering any editorial.

Silvio de Sousa’s guardian thinks the big man will be able to play for KU after Christmas.

KU basketball recruiting target Quentin Grimes will announce his college choice on Wednesday evening.


A Sea of Blue takes a look at the game tonight: Keys to Victory (for Kentucky) and Need to Know Facts.

Semi-relating to a conservation around here from the other day, here’s something from SB Nation on why kickoffs are stupid and bad. Seriously, that’s the title of the 16-minute video I haven’t watched yet.

College basketball season means Poll Attacks is back in full swing.

Joel Embiid is amazing and absolutely clowned the Clippers last night.

Don’t trust the process, #FireZenger