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Breaking News: Texas beat Kansas in Football 42-27

Longhorns capitalize on KU mistakes and poor coaching to exact revenge.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

It had been 735 days since Texas last beat Kansas in football, but the Longhorns were able to break one of the more embarrassing streaks in college football Saturday night with a 42-27 win over the Jayhawks.

It looked like a blowout early, with KU trailing 28-7 after the first quarter and Texas on pace for 112 points.

Kansas turned it over four times, including three Carter Stanley interceptions (and two INTs in the first quarter). Despite that, KU still had a chance to make it a game late with Hasan Defense nabbing an INT with just over 12 minutes left in the game and KU down just 15 points. However, the ensuing Kansas possession ended with a turnover on downs, and Texas would score on its next drive to set the final margin.

Speaking of embarrassing streaks, the KU road losing streak is now at 45 games. David Beaty was less than gracious when asked about in postgame:

Once again, KU couldn't get out of its own way. Not only were the Jayhawks hampered by sloppy play, including four turnovers and some bad, untimely penalties, KU suffered from:

Missed assignments, aka bad coaching:

-As noted by Brandon McAnderson (who is a great Twitter follow on gameday, btw)

-As noted by Jesse Newell


And that's just what I found with a very quick Twitter search. But let's continue with...

Questionable coaching decisions:

-Onside kick to open the game easily recovered by Texas

-A "wildcat" running play behind this struggling offensive line on fourth and short when you have a chance to make a game out of it in the fourth quarter, predictably snuffed out and resulting in a turnover on downs

-Punting from your own 42-yard line on fourth and short early in the third quarter

-Settling for field goals when you're a big underdog on the road and you need touchdowns because you've already turned it over several times

This program continues to embarrass the University on a weekly basis. Sure, the kids played hard. Yes, they fought back and didn't get blown out. But I don't think it's a reach to say that with a competent coaching staff, KU wins this game, or at the very least makes Texas earn the win instead of just giving it away.

Up Next

Kansas will host Oklahoma on Saturday, Nov 18, at 2:30 PM in Memorial Stadium in Lawrence. I encourage all who can make it to bring their #FireZenger sign and show your support to the players on the field.