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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Texas Longhorns

After thoroughly enjoying a cheery set of basketball predictions, we begrudgingly turn our attention to the football team

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Texas Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It’s back to the Kansas Jayhawks Football team for the third to last time this season. The Texas Longhorns are the FBS team that David Beaty has been able to beat, but is there really any hope that he can pull it off again?

dnoll5: Kansas beat Texas last year in football. Does David Beaty have another contract extending feel good moment in him that will only lead to more torturous moments for fans in 2018? Hell no he doesn’t, but we’ll still be here for his torturous fourth year, I’m afraid. Pile it on Texas, pile it on. Texas 88, Kansas 3.

Fizzle406: This one is gonna be ugly. But while we still can, here is a reminder that Kansas beat Texas in football last year. Texas 80, Kansas 3

Mike.Plank: Fortunately, I’m out of town and will likely be unable to catch the game. This isn’t going to be pretty, y’all. I don’t even know why we’re going to bother covering it. Texas 105, Kansas 0.

David: Texas hasn't been very good this year, but obviously Kansas has been much worse. I do think Kansas might be able to beat the 34 point spread. If that happens, I fully expect Beaty to be extended through 2034. Texas 45, Kansas 16

KU Grad 09: I’m gonna get hammered.

Andy Mitts: Kansas is not winning this game. Kansas is very likely not scoring a TD in this game. I would not be surprised if we turned it over 6 times and didn’t even cross midfield until the half. The only question is going to be if Texas can get their offense going. I say they start a bit slow, but turn it on in the second half. Texas 52, Kansas 3