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Notebook: Kansas Destroys Tennessee State; Kansas Football Most Likely to be Destroyed at Texas

Lights out guerrilla radio. Turn that #firezenger up

Tennessee State v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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Kansas News

Magnificent seven: Shortened rotation no issue for KU in season-opening rout |
So much of the talk about the 2017-18 Kansas basketball team centered on whether the Jayhawks had enough depth, particularly in the front court, to be the kind of team they want to be and one the fans expect.

Notebook: Jayhawks can finally shift focus toward Kentucky |
Now that the fourth-ranked Kansas basketball team has done what head coach Bill Self asked by focusing solely on Friday night’s home opener — a 92-56 pasting of Tennessee State at Allen Fieldhouse — all of the Jayhawks’ attention can turn to Kentucky.

Jayhawks ride blistering start in win over Tennessee State |
After an extended exhibition slate, starting with a trip to Italy in the summer, the No. 4-ranked Kansas men’s basketball team wasted little time asserting itself in a game that actually counted. The Jayhawks didn’t miss a shot in their regular-season opener against Tennessee State, a 92-56 win, until the 12:23 mark in the first half. And even when they did, it didn’t matter.

Jayhawks hopeful last year's win vs. Texas good for their psyche |
It’s rare that Kansas football players enter a game with a positive past experience as a significant point of reference. But that’s exactly what the Jayhawks have this week for their trip to Austin, Texas, home of the Longhorns.

Game day Breakdown: KU football at Texas |
“We do a pretty good job getting over there to the other side of the 35. But once we get there, man, first down is so critical for us. It's so critical for us to be able to be positive there so we're not in a second- and third-and-extra-long situation all the time,”

Other Sports

Marvin Bagley had the best debut for any Duke player ever -
The freshman reclassified late in the summer, then managed to get eligible a year ahead of schedule in order to be part of the No. 1-ranked Blue Devils squad, which also has the No. 1-ranked recruiting class. In the eyes of many scouts, Bagley is the leader at this stage for the No. 1 pick come June of next year. How would he ease into playing D-I?

NBA games Friday, highlights, scores, updates: George drops 42; Celtics win 11th straight -
It was a warm welcome for Eric Bledsoe, who won his first game with the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night, dispatching the Spurs in San Antonio. Meanwhile the Celtics improved their win streak to 11 games despite losing their All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving just two minutes into the game.

Duke lands No. 1 recruit R.J. Barrett, jumps UNC for top recruiting class in nation -
"It feels a lot like home, and they also have a really good coach," Barrett said of Duke after committing on TSN. "They are all great coaches. I just felt at home with Duke. I love Coach K, I've been watching Duke since I was young. it made it a lot easier."

No. 9 Washington at Stanford score: Pac-12's playoff hopes dead in upset -
The loss by Washington is bad news for the Pac-12 in the playoff race, but good news for running back Bryce Love in the Heisman conversation one week after he had a season-low 69 yards in a loss to Washington State. From those storylines and more, here's all that you need to know from Friday's upset.

Other News

Teen Girl Posed For 8 Years As Married Man To Write About Baseball And Harass Women
For the last eight years, baseball fan-turned-writer Becca Schultz has presented herself online as Ryan Schultz, a false identity she assumed when she was 13 years old, duping and harassing women on Twitter along the way.

The Fungus That Turns Ants Into Zombies Is More Diabolical Than We Realized
Carpenter ants of the Brazilian rain forest have it rough. When one of these insects gets infected by a certain fungus, it turns into a so-called “zombie ant” and is no longer in control of its actions. Manipulated by the parasite, an infected ant will leave the cozy confines of its arboreal home and head to the forest floor—an area more suitable for fungal growth. After parking itself on the underside of a leaf, the zombified ant anchors itself into place by chomping down onto the foliage. This marks the victim’s final act. From here, the fungus continues to grow and fester inside the ant’s body, eventually piercing through the ant’s head and releasing its fungal spores. This entire process, from start to finish, can take upwards of ten agonizing days.

You Might Hate IPAs Because You're a Supertaster
According to Dr. Robert DeSalle, curator of entomology in the Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics at the American Museum of Natural History, people fall into three major categories of tasters: nontasters comprise about 25% of the population; normal tasters are roughly half the population; and supertasters make up the last 25%. These supertasters experience all tastes far more intensely than others, and the effects of different tastes are amplified for them, DeSalle explains at Nautilus. If something is kind of sweet, for example, it will be very sweet for a supertaster.