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Betting the Big 12: Week 11


NCAA Football: Kansas State at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

So with a bunch of things going on in real life, I didn’t make it to the bookie on time. Sue me. So, we’ll recap Week 9 and then get right back into making probably some more bad decisions.


Oklahoma State @ West Virginia +7.5 LOST $40

Texas @ Baylor +10 LOST $40

Kansas State -24.5 @ Kansas LOST $40

TCU -7 @ Iowa State LOST $40

Texas Tech +20 @ Oklahoma LOST $40

As you can see, I pretty much lost my shirt last time out. Ok, more than my shirt. Wow, that was a bad week. Good thing I don’t do this for real.


Starting bank: $1,000

+/- for the year: -$7

Week 6 Won/Loss: -$200

New bank: $793

Last week: 0-6

Overall picks: 24-26

Ouch. You really can ruin your life with one bad week. Don’t gamble, kids.

Standard reminder that you should never, ever, EVER, bet on sports! Standard reminder that this is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a real gambler. This is monopoly money. Do NOT take my advice (EVER). Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Bet with your head, not over it.

Let’s forge bravely ahead with some more advice that you should probably ignore.

Oklahoma State @ Iowa State

Line: Oklahoma State -6.5

O/U: 61

Moneyline: +200

So Iowa State has two Top-5 wins this year, but they can’t beat West Virginia? What gives? The way the Cyclones play to their level of competition makes me think that a nearly a touchdown is too much to give.

My bet: $40 Iowa State +6.5

Texas Tech @ Baylor

Line: Texas Tech -8.5

O/U: 69.5

Moneyline: +260

So before Baylor rolled into Lawrence, the Bears had (statistically) the worst defense in the Big 12. It might still be the case despite the fact that KU didn’t score a touchdown and had only like 250 yards or whatever it was. I think the Techsters are gonna light up the scoreboard here.

My bet: $40 Texas Tech -8.5

West Virginia @ Kansas State

Line: Kansas State -1

O/U: 62

Moneyline: +110

So, it’s basically a pick ‘em game. K-State just needs one more win to cinch a bowl bid, while West Virginia is clinging to its slim Big 12 title game hopes. I guess what it comes down to is that I just don’t think K-State’s defense will be able to slow down West Virginia very much.

My bet: $40 West Virginia moneyline

Kansas @ Texas

Line: Texas -33.5

O/U: 55

Moneyline: +7500

Hahahahaha I don’t care what happened against K-State, the Jayhawks are pretty much un-bet-able. In fact, a recent article came out that should that no matter what Vegas oddsmakers set the KU line at, they know people will bet against them simply because of how bad the Jayhawks are. KU is so bad that one oddsmaker said if KU were moved into the Mountain West, they would be the 12th-rated team out of 13 teams. Sorry, but I’m not putting my money on someone who would be an underdog to Hawaii. Add in the #Motivation factor and you have yourself a beatdown of epic proportions.

My bet: Parlay $40 Texas -33.5 and Over 55 points

TCU @ Oklahoma

Line: Oklahoma -6.5

O/U: 61

Moneyline: +195

Is this an elimination game for the College Football Playoff? Or will these two teams meet again a few weeks from now in Dallas? I don’t trust Oklahoma’s defense, and I feel pretty good about TCU’s chances in this one. Good enough to take the moneyline? Nah - we’ll play it safe.

My bet: $40 TCU +6.5


$40 Iowa State +6.5

$40 Texas Tech -8.5

$40 West Virginia moneyline +110

$40 Parlay Texas -33.5 and Over 55 points

$40 TCU +6.5

DrCrushALot’s Picks of the Week

Each week, DrCrushALot will provide a maximum of five games that he likes.

I skipped last week, but Doc didn’t. He is being honest and sharing his picks; he was on the wrong side of Iowa State @ West Virginia, Ohio State @ Iowa, and Northwestern @ Nebraska. His updated standings:

Last Week: 0-3

2017 record: 20-10

Starting Bank: $1,000

Week 10 Won/Loss: -90

+/- for the year: +283

New bank: $1,283

Week 11 Picks

I am quickly losing my touch this year, going just 1-5 over the past two weeks. Thankfully, cash-wise I’m still doing good.

Florida @ South Carolina -7: Florida lost to Missouri by 30. ‘Nuff said.

Bet: $60 South Carolina -7

Rutgers @ Penn State -31: Rutgers is improving, and their coach is draining every minute of the clock on every drive to avoid blowouts after the Ohio State game.

Bet: $30 Rutgers +31

Florida State @ Clemson -16: No one could have guessed how bad Florida State would stumble this year and Clemson is playing to get into the playoffs in a down ACC.

Bet: $40 Clemson -16