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Notebook: Kansas Football dealing with latest blowout

Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Benton Smith of the LJW writes that Kansas keeps digging itself into a hole in the first half of games. I say that’s gonna happen when you lose a game 65-19.

JayhawkSlant offers five quick thoughts following the Texas Tech game.

Does Kansas have a quarterback controversy now?

I’m thinking of adding Through the Phog to the banned list. This article is terrible and just grasping at straws. Signs of life in a 46-point loss? Give me a break.

KU isn’t the worst P5 school per S&P! You hear that, Zenger? Double everyone’s salary!! HURRY!!!

Basketball recruit Zion Williamson recaps his visit to Late Night.

Typical October Bill Self is back and says the Jayhawks just aren’t guarding anybody in practice.

Jesse Newell and Ken Pomeroy got together on a podcast where they talk about everything from home-court advantage, to KU hoops, to Wichita State hoops.

By now everyone knows that Iowa State beat Oklahoma on Saturday, right?

Michigan and Nebraska both honored their respective 1997 split national title teams - and then they both lost.

An officiating error kept Missouri from running one final play in their upset bid against Kentucky.

Sorry I’m still laughing at that last link.

Still laughing.

Give me a minute.


Nope. Sorry. Can’t stop!



I’m better.

JJ Watt fractured his leg in the first quarter against the Chiefs last night, and has been placed on IR for the rest of the season.

Odell Beckahm Jr broke his ankle vs the Chargers.

I’m not going to link anything about what Vice-President Mike Pence did on Sunday because it was a stupid publicity stunt that was a waste of taxpayer dollars and a waste of time. And that’s as political as I’m going to get on here.