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Texas Tech throttles Kansas, 65-19

Fire everyone.

Texas Tech v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Texas Tech beat Kansas 65-19 today. Everyone got fired immediately after the game. The end.

That’s what this article should be about. But no. Everyone still has their jobs. Zenger, Bowen, Beaty, they all still have jobs.



Texas Tech led 21-0 just 10 minutes into the game - well, 10 minutes off the clock that is. There were six official reviews in the first quarter alone. But not even the officials could slow Texas Tech today, as they led 35-7 right before halftime.

Then KU decided, in a four-score game, to kick field goals. KU “closed” to within 35-19 midway through the third quarter before the wheels completely came off and Tech scored the final 30 points of the game for your 65-19 tally.

The phrase “litany of mistakes” probably isn’t a good enough descriptor for this Kansas team. Questionable (at best) playcalling on two 4th-and-1s, missing blocks, missing tackles, throwing interceptions, subbing quarterbacks in and out on consecutive plays during drives - I can’t stand it. The program is clearly regressing even from last year, and nobody at KU cares.


The circus heads to Ames, IA, next Saturday for an 11 AM kick with a team that just beat Oklahoma in Norman today. Yippee.