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KU Predictions: Texas Tech Red Raiders

Is there any hope for Kansas in today’s game?

Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The bye week is over, and the Kansas Jayhawks are back in action this week. With Texas Tech coming into town, KU is looking for their first FBS win of the season. But is that actually possible? Take a look at what our writing staff thinks, and then give us your thoughts in the comments below.

dnoll5: After a successful bye-week in which Kansas did not lose, I predict they’ll get back to losing ways pretty quickly. David Beaty and the university PR team has really been shoving Homecoming down our throats this week, and I seriously hope that there is a nice crowd there. The guys have obviously worked hard, they care. But why would anyone want to go and waste their entire Saturday watching this clown show? I’ve got a house to clean and a yard to mow. Texas Tech ∞, Kansas 14.

Mike: Well dnoll, I’ll be there, at least for a while. Yes, it’s been a clown show every week, but the readers of this fine website deserve first-hand reporting that isn’t smothered in sunshine and rainbows (which if we’re being honest we’re even seeing out of the Star now). A close game or even a win here doesn’t mean anything unless KU beats Iowa State next week and avoids getting blown out until the final two games of the season. Anybody think that’s very likely? Bueller?

Tech is one of those teams that while KU is just 1-17 against them all-time, some of the recent matchups have been quite competitive. Last year’s score doesn’t indicate it, but it was a one-possession game late in the third quarter. 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011 were all competitive affairs. Sure the game may be close. Doesn’t mean anything. Also seems foolish at this point to even predict a close outcome. Texas Tech 70, Kansas 30.

KU Grad 08: This team has to win another game at some point this season (right? maybe?) and a home game against a bottom-tier Big 12 team seems like a good opportunity. KU scores some points, gets gifted some turnovers and wins their final game of the season. Kansas 35, Texas Technical 34.

Fizzle406: Kansas will struggle again this week. Can they keep it reasonably close? I doubt it. Texas tech 51, Kansas 18

Andy Mitts: I’m not sure what Grad is thinking, as Texas Tech is definitely not a bottom-tier Big 12 team. The only chance the Jayhawks have is if the front seven on the defense suddenly becomes productive. I just don’t see that happening. Texas Tech 53, Kansas 27.