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#KU50: 37 Eric Chenowith

37 days until Kansas Basketball!

Eric Chenowith #44

It's a little unfortunate that Eric Chenowith is more known for what he didn't do at KU than what he did do. Although his offensive stats weren't eye popping (9.2 ppg, 46 percent shooting from two), Chenowith was maybe the best defensive big man of the Roy Williams era. He had 242 blocks in his career, and is still 5th on KU's all-time list. He also finished in the top 10 in the Big 12 in defensive win shares over three years at Kansas, including 1999 when he led the league and finished 9th nationally.

Chenowith caught crap from KU fans who thought he should be playing basketball 100% of the time and never having any outside interests or hobbies, and also has to wear the scarlet letter of being on the teams that lost to Rhode Island, a 6-seed, and an 8-seed before playing in the Sweet 16 as a senior.

Chenowith was in the top 6 in the Big 12 in blocked shots in all four years on campus, and currently ranks 6th in the league in career blocked shots. Although he wasn't a particularly fluid offensive player, and frankly it's almost impossible for a 7 footer to shoot 46 percent on twos, Chenowith did shoot 72 percent from the free throw line, which added value on that end of the floor. In the end, though, Chenowith's contributions on the defensive end of the floor will likely go overlooked due to a perceived aloofness with which he played, and he won't be remembered for what he was: 37th on the list of best Kansas basketball players ever.


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