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#KU50: 38 Scot Pollard

38 days until Kansas Basketball!

Scot Pollard stretches

Nowadays #38 on our list might be better known for some weird facial hair or his stint on Survivor, but Scot Pollard was a kick-ass college basketball player as well. He scored 1,209 points in his career, and at the end of his KU career Pollard ranked 4th in KU history in rebounds and 2nd in blocked shots.

Pollard might be the most underrated defender on this list. He led the Big 8 in defensive win shares in 1996 (and win shares overall), and he was one of the best defensive rebounders in the league as well. In an era where post defenders didn't have to be terribly mobile, Pollard was able to move around in the interior and on the perimeter, and of course was an excellent rim protector.

Offensively, Pollard's per game numbers don't totally stand out. He averaged under 10 ppg for his career, but he also shot 55 percent on twos and had a turnover rate of under 16 percent, making him a lower usage version of Perry Ellis (although without the perimeter skills). Pollard's ability to not turnover the ball was one of his more helpful traits, and while one could argue he should have shot a bit higher of a percentage, he shouldn't be penalized for scoring just under 10 ppg considering the teams he played on.

Scot Pollard's post-Kansas career overshadows his career in Lawrence, but make no mistake, he's as good as it gets in KU history. Well, top 38 at least.


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