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#KU50: 12 Bud Stallworth

The 2nd of our trio for today, Stallworth also had two great seasons, including winning the 1972 Big 8 player of the year. He also gets some bonus points for scoring 50 points in a win over Missouri in his final game.

Stallworth ended his career with 1,495 points, which ranks 22nd all time. However, he did it in just 82 games, making his career 18.2 ppg average 4th most of all of Kansas's 1000 point scorers.

Despite being 6-5, Stallworth averaged almost 7 rebounds per game over his career as well. One of the first true gunners of the modern era, Stallworth attempted 24 shots per game as a senior. He wasn't efficient by today's standards at just under 45 percent, but for that era he might as well have been Deandre Jordan.

Stallworth may be the first major conference player of the year to get noticed by his future school by virtue of attending a band camp there during high school. An Alabama native, Stallworth attended a band camp in Lawrence, and played pick up ball there where he was seen by Jo jo White. White told then coach Ted Owens, who recruited Stallworth. It was a far cry from his recruitment by Alabama and Auburn, who wouldn't let him meet the team when he was recruited due to the racial issues of the day.

Stallworth deservedly had his jersey retired, and it appropriately came at halftime of a game against Missouri, the team against whom Stallworth set KU's record for points in a conference game.