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#KU50: 13(b) Jojo White

13 days until Kansas basketball!

Red Auerbach Viewing Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Yep, let me have it. I forgot Jojo. In my defense I originally had him in the top 10 before deciding I needed to bump him down a bit, deleted him from the list, and forgot to put him back on. Sue me.

Anyway, Jojo White was a back to back All-American in 1968 and 1969, and finished his career with 1,286 points to rank 31st all time. Of course, it’s worth noting White is one of just 7 players in the top 31 to play in fewer than 100 games.

By today’s standards, White was a bit inefficient, shooting just 42 percent. However, as we know, that’s just how things were in the ‘60s. White was by no means a bad shooter, as his 73 percent from the line will attest, he just took more, uh, questionable shots than we are used to seeing.

White was also a pretty good rebounder for a guard, and a dogged defender. He also gets a ton of bonus points from me for being a part of the 1968 Olympic team, which won the gold medal despite being one of USA Basketball’s on paper weakest teams.

Interestingly, White was eligible to play a semester earlier than normal at Kansas due to his age. Because he played the 2nd semester in his first year on campus, he only had one semester to play in his final year. Head coach Ted Owens had him play in the first half of the year rather than the second, and it’s probably no surprise they went 15-3 with White and 5-4 without him.