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Betting the Big 12: Week 9


NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well once again we’re publishing a few days later than we normally do, but here we are. Gonna have to get through this one quickly!


$40 Oklahoma State -7 @ Texas, LOST $40

$40 Iowa State +7 @ Texas Tech, WON $36

$40 Oklahoma -14 @ Kansas State, LOST $40

$40 Kansas @ TCU -39, WON $36

$40 Kansas @ TCU OVER 61 points, LOST $40

$40 West Virginia -9.5 @ Baylor, LOST $40


Starting bank: $1,000

+/- for the year: +$81

Week 6 Won/Loss: -$88

New bank: $993

Last week: 2-4

Overall picks: 24-20

Well, that was our first really, really bad week so far this year. And it was week 8! So that’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. Luckily, we have at least one really easy pick again this week, right? Let’s see if we can turn it around.

Standard reminder that you should never, ever, EVER, bet on sports! Standard reminder that this is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a real gambler. This is monopoly money. Do NOT take my advice (EVER). Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Bet with your head, not over it.

Oklahoma State @ West Virginia

Line: Oklahoma State -7.5

O/U: 72

Moneyline: +255

I was all in on the Oklahoma State hype train earlier this season. But they were handled by TCU and good grief that game against Texas last week was a snooze-fest. OSU looks more and more like Texas Tech to me this year, and we already know how that game went in Morgantown. I’ll take the home dog.

My bet: $40 West Virginia +7.5

Texas @ Baylor

Line: Texas -10

O/U: 55

Moneyline: +320

This is a matchup of what-could-have-beens. Texas thinks it should be undefeated, while Baylor could very easily be 4-3 instead of 0-7. I’m guessing the Longhorns still garner everyone’s best shot, especially when they go on the road in-state. Once again, I’ll take the home dogs.

My bet: $40 Baylor +10

Kansas State @ Kansas

Line: Kansas State -24.5

O/U: 55

Moneyline: +1400

Ah, the easiest game of the week. This line should be in the 30s if not the 40s. Of course, that makes one ask the age-old question, What does Vegas know that I don’t? But then, Vegas isn’t an expert on the past eight years of Kansas football. Kansas will lose - it’s just a matter of by how much.

My bet: $40 Kansas State -24.5

TCU @ Iowa State

Line: TCU -7

O/U: 48.5

Moneyline: +260

What Iowa State did last week was impressive. So was what TCU did (regardless of the quality of the competition). Two hot teams, one looking for a Final Four spot? The home dog is tempting, but TCU is really good this year, y’all.

My bet: $40 TCU -7

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma

Line: Oklahoma -20

O/U: 75

Moneyline: +1100

I’m not really sure what to think of this one. On one hand, Texas Tech scored 13 points against Iowa State last week. On the other, Oklahoma has given up tons of points this year to teams like Baylor and Kansas State. I guess I just think that 20 points is a pretty big spread that an offensive minded team like Tech should be able to cover, even on the road.

My bet: $40 Texas Tech +20


$40 Oklahoma State @ West Virginia +7.5

$40 Texas @ Baylor +10

$40 Kansas State -24.5 @ Kansas

$40 TCU -7 @ Iowa State

$40 Texas Tech +20 @ Oklahoma

DrCrushALot’s Picks of the Week

Normally each week, this is the spot where DrCrushALot will provide a maximum of five games that he likes. Doc is on vacation this week and is apparently too cheap to pony up for a few minutes of internet on his cruise ship, so, no Doc this week.