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#KU50: 18 Mario Chalmers

18 days until Kansas basketball!

Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I could probably just link a video of a certain shot here and be done with it, but I won’t do that to you because Chalmers was so much more than that.

Maybe the best player on the 2008 title team, Chalmers was Top-20 in steal rate all three years in Lawrence, including leading the nation as a freshman. But he was also a devastating offensive player, with a 124.5 offensive rating as a junior, in which Chalmers shot 56.2 percent on twos, 46.8 percent on threes, and a decent assist rate coupled with a miniscule turnover rate.

Chalmers is one of just a handful of players to ever have 400 points and 50 steals in a season, and of all those seasons, he has the two highest steal totals (97 as a sophomore and junior). He’s also second in Big 12 history in both steals and steals per game.

Chalmers twice finished in the Top-10 in the Big 12 in win shares, led the league in true shooting percentage in 2008, and twice was in the Top-10 in the Big 12 in assists per game. He wasn’t as good of an on ball defender as his backcourt partner, Russell Robinson, but he was a devastating defender, an elite scorer, and maybe the best player on the best team of the KenPom era.

And oh fine, just watch: