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Notebook: Kansas-Missouri charity games raises nearly $2M

What I want, you've got; And it might be hard to handle

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


I don’t get all of these articles that have a headline similar to this: KU-MU exhibition proves rivalry is still relevant.

Who the hell ever said it wasn’t relevant? Who thought that just because when Missouri chose money over tradition and left the conference and ended the head-to-head rivalry, that would be the end of it? Fans have hated each other for over 100 years. The two states have clashed politically and ideologically since their formations. These headlines are stupid and lazy.

I don’t know of anyone that has denied the existence of the rivalry over the past five years. These people either don’t live in the greater KC area or are simply morons. The Border War went from being played out on the field into being played out on talk radio and Twitter. It went from a red hot fire to a burning blue cold war. The passion, the toxicity of it (from both sides), has not died. That takes time. A lot longer than five years.

Just by playing this game, regardless of the cause (for charity), MU gets the first win in the Border Cold War. I still believe that just as much money could have been raised by KU playing Wichita State or even Kansas State. KU gets nothing out of this game other than pressure from the media to resume playing the Border War for real, on an annual basis, not as an exhibition.

Why don’t people understand that actions have consequences?

Maybe the atmosphere was fun. Maybe there wasn’t the vitriol that we’ve seen in the past. By all reports, that seems to be the case. But how long do we think that will last if they resume playing on a regular basis, especially if it is in the regular season? When the series ended, it wasn’t fun anymore; it was toxic.

Anyway, thanks for FINALLY contributing something to society, Missouri (~$1.8M raised for charity). I am still debating whether or not the real charitable act was raising a bunch of money for charity or inviting you to play a game in KC. But regardless, you got your game. Now GTFO.



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