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#KU50: 23 Mark Randall

23 days until Kansas basketball!

NCAA Basketball: Maui Invitational Game 3 Chaminade Silverswords vs Kansas Jayhawks Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Randall missed out on the 1988 national title, but did lead Kansas to the Final Four in 1991, where they lost to Duke.

Randall’s main legacy, though, will probably be scoring. A lot. As a freshman he averaged just 4 points per game, but then averaged 16, 13, and 15 ppg over his last three years. He finished with 1,627 career points, which is currently 14th all time in Kansas history. Given the gap in games played between he and the players just above him on the list, another Final Four run might have seen him into the top-10.

As it is, Randall was incredibly efficient. At 6-8, he was pretty much an automatic two points when he got the ball. In fact, he holds the Big 8 career records for field goal percentage, effective field goal percentage, and true shooting percentage. Pretty incredible.

It’s fair to say Randall wasn’t great at anything else. He was a so-so defender, didn’t rebound a ton, and there wasn’t much time for passing with all that shooting going on. Still, a volume scorer who can shoot as efficiently as Randall did is as valuable as it gets in basketball, which makes Randall a deserving #23 on this list.