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Kansas Jayhawks Football vs Iowa State Cyclones: A (Semi) Statistical Recap

43 in a row boys. We’re going streaking!

NCAA Football: Kansas at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

I guess I didn’t really think it was possible, but here we are. Kansas football is actually getting worse.

Worse than an 18-point loss to a bad MAC team.

Worse than a 46-point loss on Homecoming.

I mean, at least KU scored points in those games. But here we are in the middle of October coming off a 45-0 shutout against Iowa State.

Let’s do a thought experiment real quick. Raise your hand if you have a second-grader in your house. Now, those of you who have kids younger than second grade, raise your hands.

You guys see all those hands up? Kansas has not won a road game in that kid’s entire life.

Seriously, think about that.

The road streak is up to 43-games in a row. Kansas hasn’t won a road game since 2009, and hasn’t won a conference road game since 2008. This clip pretty much summarizes it:

Welcome to our new feature, the Zenger Watch:

Zenger Football Hires: 10-56

David Beaty: 3-27 overall, 1-26 vs FBS

It’s been 1,074 days since Kansas beat an FBS team not named Texas.

Um, hmm, let’s see what stats can we look at. Well, for once the defense wasn’t terrible. It reminded me a lot of the Memphis game last year, where the defense actually played pretty well. It’s just difficult to keep the opponent from scoring when they start with the ball in plus territory six times.

But the offense. My word the offense was atrocious. It had at least been “not atrocious” for most of the season, but wow. Kansas had five first downs - in the entire game. Total offense was just 106 yards. KU only ran 59 plays, so that’s 1.8 yards per play.

KU didn’t cross it’s own 35-yard line until the fourth quarter.


Although I’m not even really sure that counts because KU didn’t “cross” the 35-yard line there, they received a punt on their own 39 and gained 8 yards on the return to start on their own 47. So yeah.

KU didn’t even cross midfield until after ISU had pulled most of its starters.

I just... ugh.

Officially Kansas had two turnovers, but a muffed punt should count and would make that three. Also, it should be noted that Peyton Bender tried really really hard to get that INT number up, but the ISU d-backs couldn’t hang on to all of his passes.

And speaking of punts, KU punted 13 times. Well that is to say, KU lined up in punt formation 13 times. Three of those resulted in the ball not crossing the line of scrimmage.

Kansas was just 2-17 on third down while Iowa State converted 6-18.

KU went 0-2 on fourth down, doubling down from the Texas Tech game with some more questionable playcalling in those situations.

The Good

The defense held Iowa State to 318 yards of total offense at 4.4 yards per play. So that actually wasn’t terrible.

The Bad

Eight penalties for 75 yards. I mean, come on.

The Ugly

::Ben Stein voice:: Offense? Offense? Offense?

The Stats

Peyton Bender was once again completely ineffective, completing 8-19 passes for 18 yards and somehow just 1 INT.

Carter Stanley didn’t see much action until the fourth quarter and finished 3-7 for 26 yards, adding in 19 rush yards on 7 carries to be KU’s second-leading rusher on the day.

Taylor Martin was KU’s leading rusher with Khalil Herbert out with a hamstring injury. Martin gained 59 yards on 17 carries.

Steven Sims had one catch for six yards.


I mean, wow.

Ryan Schadler caught three balls for 16 yards.

Quan Hampton had two receptions for nine yards.

This is pathetic.

Joe Dineen had 16 tackles including 2 TFLs.

Osaze Ogbebor added 8 tackles.

Daniel Wise had just 3 tackles but 1.5 TFLs and a sack.

Dorance Armstrong had four tackles and was credited with two pass breakups and a quarterback hurry.

Mike Lee had five tackles.

Cole Moos “punted” 13 times for a 38.1 average.

KU kicked off one time, with Liam Jones. No touchback this time though.