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#KU50: 25 Aaron Miles

25 days until Kansas basketball!

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Aaron Miles is generally brought up first when best pure point guards of the Self era discussions come up, and for good reason. He had three seasons with an assist rate over 30 percent, and ranked 14th in the stat as a junior and 13th as a senior. It’s no surprise then that Miles has dished out more assists than anyone in Kansas history, 954, at an average of 6.9 per game (nice).

Miles had a bit of a run as a scorer as well. As a senior he posted a 56.4 percent eFG (thanks mostly to shooting 40-80 from three while shooting just 42 percent from two), and currently ranks 39th among KU’s all time leading scorers (although his 8.6 career ppg is the lowest of anyone ranked in the top 40). Of KU’s 1,000 point scorers, he has 150 more assists than the 2nd place player on the list (Jacque Vaughn).

Defensively, Miles led the Big 12 in steals per game in 2003, and was on the win shares leaderboard as well.

That’s not to say he didn’t have his drawbacks. Miles only had a turnover rate under 25 percent once, which is problematic, and he wasn’t a very good shooter, making only 43 percent of his twos for his career (doubly problematic considering he wasn’t exactly a volume shooter) and only a what has to be considered lucky 40-80 run as a senior saved his three point percentage from being in the low 30s.

Still, you’d have to say the good outweighed the bad. He was one of the leaders of the transition from the Roy to Self era, ranks 20th all-time in games played for a Big 12 player, and I think it’s worth reiterating has more assists than anyone to ever put on a KU uniform. Some of that is the pace of play in his first couple years, but he was just that good of a passer. Add in his defensive value and you have a top 25 KU player ever.