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#KU50: 27 Markieff Morris

Just 27 more days until the first official Kansas basketball game!

Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks - Game Six Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

The Morris twins originally committed to Memphis, but declined to follow John Calipari to Kentucky and instead made the trek to Lawrence. Three years later, Markieff went from raw and talented to incredibly good in a hurry.

He started off as a freshman in 2009, and though he only shot 48 percent on twos, and only played about 16 minutes per game, the talent was evident immediately. Morris was one of the best rebounders on that team. He had another nice year as a sophomore, though he only played two more minutes per game. Morris shot 57 percent from two, added a bit of a three point shot (10-19), and was one of the better rebounders and foul drawers on the team again.

But it was his junior year where Morris really took off. Playing alongside his twin brother, Morris shot 62.5 percent on twos, 42 percent from three, and finished with the 17th best effective field goal percentage in the country even though he had a usage rate over 25 percent. Although his brother was Big 12 Player of the Year that year, Markieff was just as good, posting very good rebounding rates of 13.6 percent and 25 percent, the latter of which was top 30 nationally.

Morris also was second on the team in block percentage. It's also worth noting he ranked 2nd in the league that year in defensive box plus-minus, although it is fair to say he got a bit of a boost there due to being a big man and his rebounding numbers (although I do think both he and his brother were underrated defensively).

Morris didn't reach the 1,000 point plateau at KU, but he ranked 3rd nationally in PER as a junior, and is on the Big 12 career leaderboard in offensive rebounding percentage, defensive rebounding percentage, and win shares. The lone black mark on his career is the 10 combined turnovers he had in the losses to Northern Iowa and VCU, but he is very very very low on the list of blame for both those losses given his role as a sophomore and his otherwise stellar performance as a junior.

The Morris twins were both incredibly special, and Markieff Morris probably belongs in the top 10 of a KU underrated list.