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It’s Official: Kansas, Missouri to play Exhibition Basketball Border War Game for Charity

Missouri wins the Border Cold War as the most intense rivalry of the 20th century gets a completely watered-down, meaningless renewal.

Missouri v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images


This is ridiculous.

The news leaked yesterday, so we were pretty sure it was coming, but it’s now official. The Jayhawks and Tigers will meet at Sprint Center at 3 PM on Sunday, Oct 22 with the goal of making $1 million to donate to charity.

It is confirmed that it will be a scrimmage between the current men’s basketball teams and not the ultimate troll job that I was hoping for.

According to an AP report, the event will not be televised (or internet streamed) in any fashion. Both schools’ radio networks will be able to broadcast it, however.

According to the official KU news release, this was Bill Self’s idea, although Sam Mellinger reports that Self’s feelings toward playing Missouri other than this event haven’t changed, and now doubly so since someone at MU is responsible for the story leaking yesterday.

However, Jesse Newell of the KC Star reports that Bill Self says this game doesn’t necessarily open up discussions for future regular season games.

Tickets will be sold through each school’s scholarship fund, with any unsold tickets available online through beginning at 10 AM on Wednesday, Oct 18.

Old Man Yells at Cloud

This reeks to me as a desperate ploy by Zenger to distract everyone from the trainwreck that is Kansas football. I will not be going to the game. I encourage anyone reading this to not buy tickets. I hope the arena is 100% Missouri fans.

I encourage you to make your donation personally to the Salvation Army or your charity of choice if you want to support disaster relief efforts.

Additionally, I will no longer support the Williams Fund until Sheahon Zenger has cleared out his office. Not that they care since I am the lowest of the low on list, but still. I hope there are enough major boosters out there that feel the same way, and that they are able to ratchet up the pressure on this administration. Unfortunately, the PC move would be to support the game since it’s for charity, so I just don’t see that happening - at least not in public.

So congratulations, Missouri. You won the Border (Cold) War. You get all you’ve wanted since 2012, and Kansas gets bupkis.


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