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Notebook: Kansas volleyball falls to Texas in five-set match

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Michael Plank

Ainise Havili became KU’s career leader in assists in a five-set loss to Texas.

Coach Ray Bechard says the Jayhawks got “a little tentative in key moments.”

The UDK requested documents the FBI investigation into college basketball recruiting regarding Kansas under FOIA, but were turned down due to the ongoing legal investigation, seemingly confirming that the FBI has something on Kansas.

Let’s get A Sea of Blue’s take on the Kansas situation. They seem to love writing about KU recruiting.

Associate AD Jim Marchiony maintains that the university has not had any contact with the FBI.

Meanwhile, the NCAA thinks it can clean up college basketball with a committee.

David Beaty says the Jayhawks are up to 84 scholarship players this season.

Steven Sims and Jacob Bragg join Brian Hanni on the latest KUAthletics Football podcast.

So Troy just lost to South Alabama, meaning that by the transitive property of sports (which is something that totally doesn’t exist) South Alabama is better than LSU, right?

Gary Anderson may have left Oregon State at the perfect point in the schedule for the interim coach to have some success and a chance to impress.

Trinidad and Tobago thinks its pretty big stuff now, calling out the USMNT for being disrespectful prior to their matchup. Also, I can no longer even try to take soccer players seriously after this gem:

“On Monday, the visitors turned up for practice and were disturbed to find the track surrounding the field under water and the playing surface itself drenched with rainwater.

Many of the players had already taped their feet and put on their cleats, and were carried across the water by team staff to avoid getting their feet soaked.”