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The View from Section 5

A Twitter-esque recap of the Kansas football game against Texas Tech.

Texas Tech v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Mostly cloudy to start the game. Maybe 65 degrees.

The Homecoming crowd is pretty thin.

Didn’t get here super early today.

Early enough for the pregame band show I guess.

I do love the intro video.


Texas Tech drives right down the field rather easily for a touchdown.

KU’s first drive now.

First play is a screen pass. And Bender almost gets sacked because he’s still holding the ball too long.

But Beaty said he was learning from his mistakes!!

Completes a nice pass over the middle for a first down on the next play though.

Has a receiver open down the middle on the third play, but instead throws down the sideline and overthrows everyone.

2nd-and-10 now and here comes Carter Stanley??

What are we doing?

LOL Delay of Game.

Ooops I mean timeout.


This is a circus.

Stanley stays in after the timeout.

Empty set.

Quarterback draw.

What are we, K-State?

Bender back in for third down.

Ya da dadadada da da da da

What the hell is going on down there?

I am so sick of this coaching staff.

Drives stalls out after KU fails to convert on 4th-and-inches.

Didn’t spread out the formation and predictably got stuffed.

I’m also predicting it will soon be 14-0.

Nostradamus strikes again.

Another 4th-and-1 failure.

Aaaaaaand its 21-0.

Bender throws a touchdown pass with just a few ticks before the second quarter.


Tech three-and-out.

And Bender throws an INT on the next play.

He didn’t see the linebacker.

And now it’s 28-7.

Carter Stanley opens up this drive.

Balls goes to the turf after a 13-yard scramble, but it’s overturned.

How many replays have we had?

Officials not so good today.

This game is taking forever.

Hopefully Stanley plays the rest of the game because I’m done with the Peyton Bender experiment.

LOL here comes Bender again after two quarterback draws by Stanley.

What a (crap)show.

Pardon my French, but that’s what it is.

Bender throws one pass into triple coverage, and the next pass toward a heavily covered guy.

Somehow neither got intercepted.

Defense... holds? Is this signs of life?

Dorance Armstrong just got what I think is his first sack of the year.

KU line actually getting some pressure against Tech.

Couple of three-and-outs by the defense.

Can we get back to Carter Stanley please?

Nope, the substitution train continues.

Stanley coming in just for QB run plays.

Third-and-14 after a holding call. Bender back in. Let’s see if this goes for a pick-6.

LOL defender dropped it so he got lucky there (again).

Tech touchdown.

I mean, I had a feeling I’d say that a lot today, but it still hurts to say.

Big play to Ben Johnson!

But KU ends up punting.

A bit of life for KU as Mike Lee picks off a pass.

Next play Bender hits Sims over the middle down to the five-yard line.

Terrible pass - if he hits him in stride its a touchdown.

Actually noticed this earlier in the game, but just now commenting on it - #1 is Jacob Bragg, who is the primary backup center/guard. He’s been playing fullback today.

27 seconds before halftime, can KU punch it in and only be down three scores at the break?

Criminy, Bender can’t even complete an 8-yard pass to a wide open guy in the end zone.



Why are we kicking a field goal there?

You’re down by 28 points, don’t you have to go for it?

35-10 Texas Tech.


Did a Facebook live for halftime. Check out the halftime show and commiserate with me.


Well at least we get the ball first I guess.

Carter Stanley opens up the third quarter.

I hope they let him play the whole second half.

But so far just about every coaching decision has been terrible.

I really don’t have any idea what we’re doing on offense.

A timeout on our opening drive.

Because of course.

Oh good another field goal.

Cuz that will help.

Texas Tech doesn’t seem too interested in padding their stats - they’re already running the ball pretty heavily.

Missed Tech field goal. Is opportunity knocking?

Touchdown, OK, maybe we have a game here.

35-19 Tech.

Looks like KU just recovered a fumble?

Sure enough, Dorance Armstrong.

A touchdown here brings KU back to within one score. This drive could be a gamechanger.

Ah. Gamechanger indeed!

Nostradamus... a high pass from Stanley gets ripped out of the receivers hands and Tech takes it back for a touchdown.

If Bender would have been in, he would have overthrown everyone, which I guess in retrospect would have been better because Tech wouldn’t have scored a touchdown.

It’s officially a blowout again. Still not the fourth quarter yet.

42-19 Tech.

KU drives down but Stanley eventually throws a pick.


Texas Tech touchdown.

48-19 Tech.


KU punt.

Texas Tech touchdown.

KU fumble.

Tech punt.

Just score again already Tech. Criminy.

KU goes nowhere.

There’s another Tech touchdown.

Both teams just running out the clock here.

We’re outta here.


I need a #FireZenger sign for the next home game.

Time for some consolation chicken.

Raising Cane’s it is.


I don’t want to talk football anymore.

Let me know when everyone has been fired.