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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball: LaGerald Vick accused of domestic violence in 2015

No charges were ever filed, but a University investigation recommended two years’ probation for Vick.

Kansas v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Kansas City Star is reporting that Lagerald Vick was accused of punching a female student “more than once” and kicking her in the face back in 2015.

Criminal charges were never filed, but a University investigation recommended a two-year probation period for Vick based on a preponderance of evidence. Whether or not Vick was actually disciplined by the University or the basketball program is currently unknown.

The Star says it gave Bill Self and Lagerald Vick the opportunity to comment, which they declined.

KU has repeatedly declined KORA requests when it comes to sexual assault cases, citing FERPA student privacy laws.

This is another black mark on a Kansas Basketball program that has some issues swirling about it.

This is a blog, so I’m going to editorialize for a moment. We don’t know what really happened. All we know is that the University found that it’s more likely than not that Vick battered a woman two years ago. That said, this reminds me way to much of the Joe Mixon situation at Oklahoma.

If that’s the case, there’s little excuse for Vick to not have been kicked off the team and expelled from the University. Additionally, I don’t like the thought of the appearance of the basketball program not disclosing a disturbing incident with one of its players. It gives the appearance of a coverup.

This isn’t a football team with 100+ players to keep track of. It’s a 15-player basketball team. Bill Self owes everyone an explanation. He especially owes it to the students of the University of Kansas, but also to the season ticket holders, donors, and everyone else who follows this program.