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Rock Chalk Talk NCAA Basketball Top 25 Poll: Kansas debuts at #2

The Big 12 takes 3 of the top 4 spots in the opening week of our poll.

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Creighton
Last year's champion debuts the season at #1
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Rock Chalk Talk, we believe that it’s hard to know what teams are actually good until we have seen them in action. That’s why rather than trying to cobble together rankings early in the season, we give some time for teams to establish themselves before we try to measure them against each other. This is our 4th year for the RCT Top 25, and the first time that we started after the beginning of conference play (thanks to the Final Four being at the very beginning of April).

Please remember that each voter is using their own criteria, whether it’s hottest team now, best overall resume, which team passes the “eye test”, which mascot is the fiercest (hopefully not really), which team is spit out by David’s formula, or any other thing happens to put one team above another in a ranking. We’ll probably even see the season debut of sax solo’s easy button as well in the next couple weeks. But for now, let’s look at what the poll says.

RCT Top 25 Week 1 Results

Rank Team(#1 Votes) Points
Rank Team(#1 Votes) Points
1 Villanova(3) 160
2 Kansas(2) 159
3 West Virginia(1) 144
4 Baylor(1) 143
5 Kentucky 132
5 Louisville 132
7 UCLA 123
8 Duke 122
9 Gonzaga 107
10 Virginia 97
11 North Carolina 96
12 Florida State 84
13 Creighton 79
14 Wisconsin 74
15 Purdue 68
16 Oregon 67
17 Xavier 61
18 Butler 60
19 Arizona 56
20 Florida 50
21 Saint Mary's 43
22 Cincinnati 18
22 Indiana 18
24 Virginia Tech 17
25 Wichita State 11
Others Receiving Votes: Ohio State 10, Georgetown 8, Iowa State 6, Notre Dame 5, USC 5, Texas Tech 2, Minnesota 1

The ACC leads all conferences with 6 teams in the poll, with the Big East next with 4 and the Big 12, Big Ten and PAC 12 tied at 3 apiece. The Big 12 seems to be top heavy this year, with three of the top four spots, but the ACC probably has the biggest top tier this year.

We also take a look at the individual votes, so feel free to go all Poll Attacks on someone if you feel you must. At least here they get a chance to defend their reasoning.

RCT Top 25 Ballots

Rank Andy mikeville David jakebogen95 FLJhawk dnoll5 fizzle406
Rank Andy mikeville David jakebogen95 FLJhawk dnoll5 fizzle406
1 Baylor Villanova West Virginia Kansas Villanova Villanova Kansas
2 Villanova Baylor Baylor Louisville Kansas Kansas Baylor
3 Kentucky UCLA Virginia Villanova Baylor Baylor UCLA
4 West Virginia Kansas North Carolina Purdue UCLA UCLA West Virginia
5 Kansas Kentucky Kentucky Miami Kentucky West Virginia Kentucky
6 Virginia Duke Villanova Saint Mary's West Virginia Louisville Louisville
7 Gonzaga Gonzaga Louisville Xavier Louisville Gonzaga Gonzaga
8 Duke West Virginia Kansas Duke Creighton Duke Villanova
9 Florida State Florida State UCLA Oklahoma Duke Kentucky Duke
10 UCLA Virginia Purdue West Virginia Gonzaga Creighton Oregon
11 Louisville Louisville Gonzaga Michigan State Florida State North Carolina Florida State
12 North Carolina Creighton Duke SMU Oregon Virginia Wisconsin
13 Wisconsin North Carolina Oregon Virginia North Carolina Wisconsin Creighton
14 Creighton Wisconsin Wisconsin Iowa Butler Arizona North Carolina
15 Arizona Xavier Butler Vanderbilt Virginia Florida State Florida
16 Xavier Butler Cincinnati Pittsburgh Wisconsin Oregon Ohio State
17 Butler Arizona Florida State Texas A&M Arizona Purdue Arizona
18 Saint Mary's Florida Wichita State Kentucky Saint Mary's Florida Georgetown
19 Oregon Oregon Florida North Carolina Xavier Butler Purdue
20 Florida Virginia Tech Creighton Butler Florida Xavier Virginia Tech
21 Purdue Purdue Arizona Michigan Virginia Tech Cincinnati Butler
22 Indiana Indiana Xavier Florida Purdue Saint Mary's Xavier
23 Wichita State Saint Mary's Notre Dame Iowa State Indiana Clemson USC
24 Texas Tech Cincinnati Indiana Indiana USC Iowa State Indiana
25 Iowa State Notre Dame Minnesota Arizona Cincinnati Indiana Notre Dame