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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Kansas State Wildcats

Come give us your predictions for tonight’s game against our in-state “rival”.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks continue their conference slate with their home opener against the Kansas State Wildcats, who are coming off an opening win against Texas. Which team will remain undefeated in the conference? Check out what our writers think, and then don’t forget to leave your prediction in the comments below.

Fizzle406: Fact - the last time KSU won at Allen Fieldhouse, Bill Self was in the third grade and World War 2 was just coming to an end. This one will be no different. Kansas 78, Kansas State 65

KU Grad 08: KState is a very solid, experienced team. I’m not high enough on them to predict a victory over us in Allen Fieldhouse, but I think this one will be tight throughout and KU will never really “put them away” until the buzzer sounds. Kansas 76, Kansas State 69.

mikeville: Wow, I didn’t realize Bill Self was so old, fizzle. I’m really not too worried about this one, but Self and the Jayhawks should (and likely will) take it very seriously. Self loves beating the Wildcats, as evidenced by his 27-5 all-time record against them. Couple that with the 191-93 run KU has been on since the beginning of time, and this just doesn’t look like a good day for Willie. Bruce Weber’s teams seem to play decent defense, so I’m predicting that this game is a race to 70 points. Kansas 74, Kansas State 62.

Jakebogen95: Escaping that TCU game with a win is a reason why a lesser team like K-State won’t be much trouble. Kansas 87, K-State 71

dnoll5: K-State’s schedule just hasn’t been that solid. Sure, they’ve beaten up on most everyone on that schedule and you can only play what’s on that schedule, but I’m not impressed. And yes, they beat Texas, but beating those guys at any sport is pretty easy, or so I hear. Kansas 88, KSU 68.

David: Flying high, up in the sky, we'll keep the blue flag flying high. From Stamford Bridge to Wemberley, we'll keep the blue flag flying high! This will be a great couple of days for teams in blue! I don’t see the talent on K-State’s roster to live up to their non-con performance, or their KenPom ranking, but guys like Iwundu and Johnson mixed with some young scorers make this team dangerous enough to compete for a tournament bid, and I don’t see them being a pushover. Still, they can’t compete in Allen Fieldhouse with the level of athleticism and talent they’ll be facing. Chelsea 2, Tottenham 1, and Kansas 79, Kansas State 69

Andy: I have to admit that I’m tiring of the soccer predictions. It was fun to poke mike’s sense of disbelief for a bit, although instead I’ll mess with David and pick Tottenham to upset Chelsea 1-0 on a late stunner. Back to basketball, I’m having a hard time seeing the hot start against a very weak non-conference schedule turning into an early win in the conference schedule against a very strong Kansas team, especially when the Jayhawks are at home. In the Big 12 era, the Wildcats only have 5 wins in conference play, and the only win at Allen Fieldhouse was back in 2006. I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t going to be the second one. Kansas 84, Kansas State 72