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Kansas will face Kentucky without Carlton Bragg

Kelly, this news disappoints me verily! I thought you and I could go over some more lines from Romeo and Juliet.

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Carlton Bragg Jr. suspended from KU men's basketball team |

“Carlton is suspended for a violation of team rules,” Self said in a statement. “This violation is not connected to the alleged incident in McCarthy Hall on December 17th.”

Kansas to prepare for Kentucky game without Bragg |

With Bragg expected to miss this weekend’s game at No. 4 Kentucky — 5:15 p.m. Saturday at Rupp Arena in Lexington — and possibly longer, the Jayhawks’ already short-handed lineup becomes paper thin.

Bill Self says he has no information from KU dorm investigation that would warrant player suspension

“All I know is what I said yesterday. There’s an alleged incident that took place there,” Self said. “The people that were listed that are potential witnesses in some way, and that could be a plethora of ways as I’m sure you well know, what witness potentially could be."

KU student housing has no policy against minors as overnight guests

“I don’t think that security has anything to do with this potential incident,” he answered, adding McCarthy was a place that provides “more privacy and certainly more security than other dormitories on campus.”

Landen Lucas says close-knit Jayhawks will be focused for Kentucky

“We are very close as a team and if anything, (it has) brought us closer together,” Lucas said of the team’s reaction to reports of alleged crimes in McCarthy Hall, which houses the KU men’s basketball team and other male students.

Aptly named UK big man Bam Adebayo a big key in Kansas-Kentucky clash |

“I enjoy those challenges,” Lucas admitted. “I’ve always seemed to play better and be more focused and enjoy playing against guys who are the same size and bigger and better, good talent.”

Kansas Jayhawks distracted by police investigation ahead of Kentucky Wildcats game, Bill Self says

Self, whose Jayhawks (18-2) lost at No. 18 West Virginia on Tuesday night, said he wasn't sure how his team will play against Kentucky.

Kentucky hopes to set noise record against KU, but fans on both sides are already talking trash

According to a release, the Kentucky athletic department is hoping to set the indoor crowd roar record during the Wildcats’ game against KU at Rupp Arena. In 2013, Sacramento Kings fans set the Guinness World Record mark (126 decibels).

An area where even Kentucky should be envious of Kansas basketball | Lexington Herald-Leader

For my money, Kansas and Self don’t get enough credit for having won 12 straight regular-season championships in a major conference where strong hoops is played.

Kansas football takes non-Baylor approach on potential transfer linked to sex assault | NCAA Football | Sporting News

Faced with the choice to admit Darreon Jackson, a former Boise State football player suspended for his involvement in an alleged sexual assault, the Jayhawks have publicly declined to recruit the controversial athlete.