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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: West Virginia Mountaineers

Wondering what's going to happen tonight? We'll tell you! Then you can tell us how wrong we are.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks travel to Morgantown, WV to take on the West Virginia Mountaineers. Coming into the year, this game was probably penciled in the most often as a sure loss. Does the 2 game losing streak for the home team change that likelihood? Let us know what you think in the comments below, but first read what our writers think.

Fizzle406: How much is Bob Huggins’ bonus per win over KU? $75,000 or so? Well he will be cashing another $75,000 check after this one. KU doesn’t play well in Morgantown. I’m not sure if it’s the court, the stench of BO from the fans or the haze of smoldering couches in the atmosphere, we just have a heck of a time playing there. I’m going to go on record here and say we don’t win any games this week and it will start the annual “What’s wrong with Kansas?” storylines we see every year. WVU 75, Kansas 71

KU Grad 08: So many reasons why I could pick KU… WVU has played like crap lately, KU is due for one of those “holy crap we actually played really played well for 40 minutes” games. But the Big 12 refs man. I’m not forgetting last year, where KU was somehow called for 20 more fouls and WVU shot 30 more FTs (if those numbers are a little off please call them “alternate facts”). All this despite the fact that WVU kind of presses and plays overly-physical defense. Big 12 refs will strike again. Western Virginia 80, Kansas 68.

dnoll5: Ok, I’ll be the one to do it. I’m taking Kansas. I’m not doing it because I think they’ll do it, I’m picking Kansas because I want them to win and what I want is reality. Not to get over political here, but if Kansas does manage to “unwin” this game, I’m just going to tell enough people that KU actually scored more points than WVU. Someone will believe me; I’m sure it will work. Kansas just won at West Virginia. Kansas always wins at West Virginia. Kansas 88 (good), West Virginia 85 (double plus ungood).

Mike: You’re not the only one, dnoll. Fetch also picked the Jayhawks in his preview. And fetch is the smartest basketball writer on RCT. (That’s what he tells me, anyway.) I do agree with one thing, though - Kansas is more equipped to beat WVU this year than they have been in the past, considering the 4-guard lineup with Frank Mason and Devonte' Graham that the Jayhawks have been working with this year. If the shooters can keep their wits about them and hit open shots, of which there should be plenty, this game shouldn’t be an issue. That said, if KU gets called for 15 more fouls than West Virginia does, it will be a long night again. Kansas 85, West Virginia 75.

David: West Virginia is on a bit of a downslope, but three losses by six points doesn’t convince me they’re falling apart (though the OU loss was pretty bad). KU has turned it over an uncharacteristic amount in the last two games, which is not a good sign headed into Morgantown. Kansas should stay competitive, but I’m just not convinced they’re good enough defensively and on the boards to take away the things West Virginia does to beat teams. West Virginia 79, Kansas 76

Andy: The foul calls are ultimately what decides this game. Kansas can't afford to get into foul trouble down low, but West Virginia's style is perfect for a foulfest. I have lots of confidence that we are the better team, but the location and situation don't favor us in this matchup. Ultimately, I think talent wins out. Kansas 95, West Virginia 93 (OT)