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Big 12 Marginal Performance Rankings

Your weekly update on the Big 12’s EM vs expectations

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Here is your weekly updating rankings of Big 12 teams by Marginal Performance Rating (MPR). I won’t keep explaining the methodology in depth each week (you can read it here if you’re interested), but here’s a brief refresher. Each team’s performance is rated exclusively by points per possession scored and allowed, and contrasted against what each of their opponents has averaged in those same categories. The result is each team’s average PPP performance vs expectation. For example, a total MPR of +3 would mean that your efficiency margin on average has been 3 points higher than what would be expected of a generic team with the same schedule. Here are this week’s rankings:

West Virginia’s shockingly poor performance against Oklahoma made them the only team to move more than one spot in any direction this week. It’s worth noting that Oklahoma State’s 1.3 PPP against Texas Tech was the best offensive performance by any team in any game in Big 12 play so far, which helped bump them up to 7th despite it being their only win. Baylor’s defense continues to keep them ahead of Kansas, but while KU’s defensive number has steadily improved (above 0 for the first time yet this year), Baylor’s offense isn’t going anywhere.

I think the biggest thing worth noting is that, according to these ratings (and KenPom’s, for that matter), the Jayhawks’ next four Big 12 games are against the other four best teams in the conference. The next few weeks should be very telling for this team.