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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Texas Longhorns

Come tell us what is going to happen in today's game.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Kansas Jayhawks host the Texas Longhorns, attempting to keep their undefeated conference record and the long home winning streak. Will Texas finally break through with a big win for the season? Let us know what you think in the comments below, but first read through what our writers think.

Fizzle406: Texas is bad and the game is at AFH. I don’t see Kansas losing this one. Kansas 87, Texas (who lost to KU in football) 75

Jakebogen95: Texas… Who am I kidding?!? Fizzle’s response was going to be my response. Kansas 91, Texas 72

dnoll5: I’m with the guys above me. We beat these clowns at FOOTBALL so I’m pretty sure we’re going to beat them at basketball. But, just to fill some space in this sure to be brief predictions post, can we please take the time to laugh at how inept you must be to coach the University of Texas and lead them to crap season after crap season after crap season and to then have it culminate in a loss to Kansas????? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. I hate Texas. Kansas 100, Texas 50.

KU Grad 08: After a disastrous non-con, Texas has shown signs of life lately. May not have led to actual wins but they are playing everyone tough, home or away. They are solid on defense and if they take care of the ball and hit some threes they are absolutely going to give Kansas some issues. Like so many of these games, this would scare me a lot more on the road. Similar to last year’s home game against Texas, I think it’ll be ugly and we won’t ever run away with it, but our guards will make enough plays to pull it out. Kansas 73, Texas 68.

Mike: Wow, Grad with the actual prediction there. Texas hasn’t been blown out in conference play yet, and Kansas hasn’t blown anyone out in conference play yet, but I think after today that will have changed. KU finally came out and punched someone in the mouth earlier this week, and while they let Iowa State hang around, it was something I’ve been waiting all season to see. “The Carlton” says he’s ready to bust out, so let’s see it. This game should be over by the second TV timeout. Kansas 24, Texas 21. Oh wait, wrong sport. It’s still funny though. You guys all remember when that happened, right? Horns down, clowns. Kansas 88, Texas 70.

David: Texas isn't quite as bad as people think they are, and KU isn't exactly blowing the doors off anyone lately. KU won't lose, but I don't think we'll get the blowout we're hoping for. Also, did you guys hear we beat Texas in football this year? Kansas 79, Texas 70

Andy: Kansas has absolutely no business losing this one, and while Texas has been playing much better without the suspended Tevin Mack, they still don't have enough talent to match up with the Jayhawks. We could easily see a football-like victory, but the Jayhawks will win. Kansas 81, Texas 75.