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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Come tell us what is going to happen in today's game.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks get their first look at Brad Underwood’s version of the Oklahoma State Cowboys when they come to visit Allen Fieldhouse today. Can the visitors get their first conference win of the season? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, but first take a look at what our writers think.

mikeville: Fine, I’ll go first again. All I know about Oklahoma State is that they just lost to Iowa State and that K-State fans really want OSU’s coach roaming the sidelines in Manhattan. Obviously, this is a team we can take lightly, especially considering it’s going to be 16,308 against 5, amirite? Obviously that’s preposterous, there likely won’t be any “easy” games in the

Big 12 this year. Hopefully the Jayhawks don’t learn that lesson the hard way. Kansas 88, Oklahoma State 65.

KU Grad 08: Despite being 0-4 in conference play, OSU is definitely a dangerous team. They’ve got good guards and can get hot from three. I’ll be very worried about the trip to Stillwater, but I’m not going to pick KU to lose at home. Kansas 84, Oklahoma State 75.

dnoll5: This game could be more interesting than I really want it to be. There is an #icepocolypse coming this way, and it could render the Fieldhouse less daunting than usual. But no excuses are going to be tolerated here, so I say KU wins easily. Kans...

/looks at roster, sees that Phil Forte is still on their roster somehow/.

I’ll amend it a tad as this 56 year old hobbit will be playing his last game at Allen and will probably go off. Kansas 87, OSU 77.

Fizzle406: The hobbit is still in college?? Geez. OSU is always a tough game on the schedule. I'd pick a loss if we are on the road but I'm confident in a win at AFH. Kansas 86, OSU 80

Andy: I seriously don't know what to expect with this game, since the recent dip in OSU’s performance coincides with the uptick in strength of their opponents. But this Kansas team is the more talented one, and I don't see the Cowboys having an intimidating presence down low to exploit that lack of depth. Kansas 89, Oklahoma State 81.