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Kansas football hired an offensive coordinator who will call plays!

I heard York, Nebraska is lovely this time of year, said no one, ever.

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Beaty names veteran coach Doug Meacham offensive coordinator

In addition to calling the Jayhawk offense, Meacham will coach the KU wide receivers.

Evaluating former quarterbacks under Doug Meacham, KU's new offensive coordinator | Call it a Nightengale |

Here’s a look at the quarterbacks that Meacham worked with in the past few years, though it’s a little harder to evaluate because he wasn’t the only person directing the offense.

Doug Meacham Named OC at Kansas - Frogs O' War

Losing Meacham will certainly hurt TCU, who exploded onto the scene in 2014 with an explosive team led by Meacham and his partner Sonny Cumbie. They enjoyed two seasons of being one of the best offenses in the country before falling off this past year without Trevone Boykin, Josh Doctson, and Aaron Green, and the veteran offensive line that accompanied them.

Kansas hires TCU's Doug Meacham as offensive coordinator

TCU coach Gary Patterson frequently expressed his dissatisfaction with his offense late in the season. After a 31-6 home loss to Oklahoma State on Nov. 19, he told reporters: "Shoot, maybe we'll be changing offenses again. You have to be able to run the football."

Kansas Jayhawks' biggest needs for 2017 - Big 12 Blog- ESPN

Senior Ke'aun Kinner played the role of workhorse for the Jayhawks in 2016, netting more yardage than all other ball carriers combined on the KU roster. And Kinner rushed for just 738 and three touchdowns.

Season report card: Kansas Jayhawks - Big 12 Blog- ESPN

We're grading on a curve here, so remember that all 2-10 seasons are not created equal. The Texas win, which effectively sealed the fate of Charlie Strong, made for a moment etched into KU history. No doubt, more lows existed in 2016 than highs for Kansas. But the Jayhawks were competitive regularly. And with the influx of youth, this season inspires hope in Lawrence of a breakthrough toward bowl eligibility in the not-so-distant future.

Trio of Jayhawks set to play in 2017 Tropical Bowl

Defensive end Damani Mosby, cornerback Marnez Ogletree and safety Tevin Shaw, will each look to showcase their skills in an effort to secure a spot at the next level, while also representing Kansas football on the all-star level.

Throwback Thursday Podcast: Michael Lee

The voice of the Kansas Jayhawks, Brian Hanni, will periodically catch-up with former Kansas student-athletes and staff members as part of his Throwback Thursday podcast. Take a stroll down memory lane with Hanni as he's joined this week by former Kansas basketball player Michael Lee.

Frank Mason gunning to become Self's second KU player to average 20 a game | Tale of the Tait |

Sixteen games into his senior season, Mason is averaging 20.4 points per game for the 15-1 Jayhawks, who have raced out to an early lead and 4-0 record in the Big 12 Conference title race.

Lucas blueprint the perfect plan for Bragg |

“He has better hands than what he's shown,” Self said. “But, for the most part, we probably haven't done as much as what we should be doing in that area. I don't think his hands are bad, but I just think he loses focus.”

Take your eye off the ball to appreciate KU’s best offensive trait

It all happens fast, but it’s part of the secret to Kansas’ offensive success this year: The Jayhawks oftentimes start their offense while still playing defense.

Jayhawks sizzling from free-throw stripe ... in Big 12 games

The Jayhawks, who sank 59.2 percent of their free throws during their first 12 games, have improved dramatically against league opposition, cashing 77.6 percent of their free throws in four conference games.

Track & Field - Jayhawks storm back to claim Sunflower Triangular title

After trailing by nearly 30 points midway through the meet, the Kansas track & field teams tallied victories in nine of the final 20 events to win the Sunflower Triangular title in come-from-behind fashion over in-state rivals Kansas State and Wichita State Thursday night inside the Heskett Center.


Jalen Pitre, Baylor recruit who did not decommit, never wavered

By the end of November, the three-star safety was the last and only Baylor commit of the 2017 class. He didn’t know who his coaches would be, only that he’d almost certainly have some new ones once the regular season ended. He didn’t know exactly what the future would look like — except that he would be wearing green and gold.

Alabama fans took vigilante justice out on Florida man after buying fake tickets -

Joseph Steven Escalera, 20, from Orlando, sold counterfeit tickets to two Alabama fans for $1,000 a piece the day before the game. After the hustle was exposed, the two fans notified police and orchestrated a sting operation on Escalera using another email address to arrange another ticket purchase for Monday.


Citing game's violence, Bo Jackson says he 'would have never played football' -

The Heisman Trophy winner says if he knew what he knows now, he wouldn't have played football.

Even other pro sports teams are making fun of that Chargers logo -

You know it’s a problem when baseball biscuits are making jokes.

Opening 25-year-old baseball cards with Clayton Kershaw

If you’re familiar with our series, then you know the drill: We open some cards from 25 years ago. These 1992 Fleer were purchased by my grandma back in the day, and had been in my garage until recently. Now we open packs with baseball people, make some quips, tell some stories and hopefully make a trade at the end. In this case, you can see which pitchers — an ex-Dodger, perhaps? — I can trade to Kershaw in order to get his Jack Morris card.

Steelers LB Ryan Shazier issues challenge to Chiefs Tyreek Hill -

Ryan Shazier might be small for a linebacker, but just like former Steelers linebacker Jack Lambert, Shazier's small stature belies a fiery, ultra competitive athlete that.

Troy Aikman responds to Packers fans' petition to ban him and Joe Buck from calling Green Bay games | SportsDay

As of noon Wednesday, more than 16,000 people have signed a petition seeking to ban the Aikman-Buck duo from calling Packers games from the booth.

Dayton Moore forgot he was Royals GM for an entire month - Royals Review

There is rampant speculation regarding what Moore was doing over the month, but the consensus is that Moore was either watching the X-Files rerun marathon or working on his new book, ‘Moore Than a Season,’ the sequel to the sadly punless ‘More Than a Season.’