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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Ohio Bobcats

Come give us a prediction for this weekend, then stick around as our writers discuss the chances that the Jayhawks turn their lone win into a streak. 

NCAA Football: Camellia Bowl-Ohio vs Appalachian State Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

So the first win happened for David Beaty and the Kansas Jayhawks last week against Rhode Island.  Now what?  Can Kansas build on the momentum that a win provides and follow up with another win against a better opponent?  Welcoming the Ohio University Bobcats to town is a good start, as they dropped a shootout of a matchup to the Texas State Bobcats.

Our writers gathered this week to give their thoughts on the undefeated Jayhawks and their chances to keep the train rolling at home.  Also, we have the return of the Crowdsline Widget that will let you make your own pick and then gives the collective opinion of all of our readers.  Be sure to log a prediction, and then read below for the writers’ thoughts.

KU Grad 08: I REALLY want to pick KU to win. And at some point, we are due to win one of these right? Stars align, we play well, the other team stumbles, and we pull off a win. Problem is… I’ve got to see it happen. This reminds me of so many other non-con games we’ve had against decent non-P5 schools in the past several years - KU probably should win this game at home, but I’m sure we won’t. Cozart starts and plays horribly, the defense can’t keep Ohio under 30 and we show we really haven’t made THAT much progress. Ohio 31, Kansas 21.

Fizzle406: The undefeated Kansas Jayhawks are looking good right now. Sure they got a boost against a terrible FCS team but the team is rolling. This one won’t be a blowout like last week but I think if KU makes some decent plays and keeps Ohio on the ropes, we walk out with a victory. Kansas 28, Ohio 25

David: I saw enough concerning things in KU’s destruction of Rhode Island that I'm not quite a believer yet. Ohio has really declined in quality recently, but they have an experienced, successful head coach. I'm calling just about everything we saw Saturday fool's gold until proven otherwise. Still, Ohio is not good, and I don't expect them to blow us out in Lawrence. Ohio 30, Kansas 24

mikeville: I REALLY want to pick KU to win.  And at some point, we are due to win one of these, right?  Stars align, we play well, the other team stumbles, and we pull off a win.  Problem is, I’ve got to see it happen.  This reminds me of so many other non-con games we’ve had against decent non-P5 schools in the past several years - KU probably should win this game at home, and I’m sure we will.  Cozart starts and plays well, the defense keeps Ohio under 30, and we show that we really have made some progress.

This isn’t your older brother’s KU.  This is the new KU.  The one where we expect to win and for the respect of the program, we don’t rush the field or attack the goalposts...  ::Fart Noise::  Anyway, this really is the new KU.  No more Gill, no more Weis.  Yes, there were some concerning things in the opener, but I’ll tell you what wasn’t concerning - Kansas went out and beat an overmatched opponent, against whom they were heavily favored, by seven touchdown.  SEVEN.  TOUCHDOWNS.  Things won’t be as easy this week, but if there’s any improvement at all between weeks one and two, KU should pull away late.  Kansas 41, Ohio 28.

dnoll5: I didn’t have the privilege or the pleasure to watch KU’s destruction of Rhode Island, so I am going to assume that it all went well, everything was executed to perfection, and that Kansas is now a football behemoth.  Those assumptions are perfectly rational, right?  KU will be buoyed by the additions of a few key players, so I can only assume that the destruction of Ohio will commence at 1:30 PM central time.  Never mind that Ohio is a division higher than Rhode Island and won eight games last year to the Rams’ one. Nevermind that Ohio coach Frank Solich is a legit coach with experience against big teams.  Never mind that KU has won only one game in what seems like an eternity.  I’m chugging the Kool-Aid and you can’t stop me. Kansas 44, Ohio 17.

Winmore: Ohio could not stop Texas State in a triple overtime shootout on their own home field. How are they going to come away with a win in Lawrence? You don’t come down to the mighty Kivisto Field (The Kiv) in front of the ‘Hawks 20,000 spectators making just enough noise to perturb a librarian and just think it’s gonna be some easy win. No sir. In that Bobcat-v-Bobcat ballgame, Texas State’s Bobcat QB tore Ohio up for 418 yards and 4 Tds. Last Saturday against Rhode Island, KU QBs combined to throw for 399 yards and 6 Tds. Outside of one atrocious throw that reminded everyone of Cozart’s warts, Montell balled his ass off (199 yards, 3 Tds) in that game. He showed great touch on his deep throws. I’m interested to see how he looks against a more quality opponent who can actually make him sweat though. I think this is gonna be a rather entertaining game, and that Montell will take a firm hold on the starting QB slot with another strong performance. Kansas 34, Ohio 30

Jakebogen95: The Jayhawks aren’t losing to a team that dropped their home opener versus Texas State. I think Montell Cozart might end up shocking everyone (including myself) and lead KU this season to a respectable record. Kansas as we all know obliterated Rhode Island. Everything was off for Rhode Island in that game including the extra point (which was missed by a kid I went to school with). Kansas will win two in a row after a season in which they didn’t win a game last year. Ohio could very well make this close if they stretch the field early like they did against Texas State (except it was throughout the entire game). Overall I don’t think Ohio makes this close and I think Kansas starts to finally show you flashes of being a team that MIGHT be able to hang with the big dogs in the Big 12. Kansas 45, Ohio 17

misterbrain: We have two teams here that have good offenses and defenses that have some questions.  The one area that Rhode Island was able to attack the Jayhawks was on the ground, but the defense adjusted in the second half.  Plus, Ohio lost their starting running back early in their game against Texas State and still put up 54 points.  At this point, I’m not even sure what point I’m trying to make other than that Kansas is going to have to show they can stop an offense with at least some talent on it, but the offense should be able to pick apart a questionable secondary with their huge stable of receivers.  Ohio keeps it close through 3 quarters, but Kansas pulls away at the end. Kansas 51, Ohio 38.