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The View from Section 7

A Twitter-esque, first-person recap of KU’s 55-6 victory over Rhode Island.

Rhode Island v Kansas Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

It’s a beautiful day in Kansas, but it’s gonna be a long day.

We’ve got the KU volleyball game at 1:30 followed by football at 6.

Got the cooler packed and ready to go.

- Kansas vs Arkansas Volleyball -

Jayhawks win the first set rather easily. This is going well.

Second set was frustrating. Jayhawks blew leads of 3-0, 5-1, 13-8, and 20-16 to drop their first set of the season, 23-25.

Arkansas’ defense is good. I mean, really good. They don’t let a ball touch the floor, they get a hand on everything.

Kansas wins the third set rather easily, considering UA’s defense.

Fourth set was completely back-and-forth.

Arkansas took a 12-9 lead, then KU was up 15-12. Then Kansas goes up 22-19 and it looks like curtains for the Razorbacks.

But they battle back.

Kansas blows four match points as Arkansas takes the fourth set, 33-31.

Fifth set starts off just like the fourth set ended, as the teams battle to a 7-7 tie.

Jayhawks edge in front 9-8 then rip off six straight points to take the set, 15-8.

Four of those points were from Arkansas errors, though.

Jayhawks didn’t have their A-game and now we’re late to set up for tailgating.

- Pregame -

Got here late, all the good spots by the Campanile are taken.

It’s about 90 minutes until kickoff.

Set up farther to the west, over by the ugly piece of art that is somehow a war memorial.

Nobody from RCT is gonna find us here.

Oh well I guess. More beer for next week.

Now about 60 minutes until kickoff, some guy in a big white truck tries to back into a parking spot.

He backs into somebody else’s car.

Stops, pulls forward, corrects, and backs into the spot.

Gets out to check the damage.

Family also gets out and start heading toward the stadium.

Both cars are damaged.

Decides he’d like a parking spot farther away.

Moves the truck four or five spots farther down. (Of course he backs in again, but at least there weren’t any other cars down there yet.)

Waiting for dude to leave a note, a business card, something.

Gets out, hurries down to catch up with his family.

I mean, what?

It’s not a lot of damage, but it’s at least several hundred dollars worth.

Flag down parking lot attendant.

Explain what happened. They call the PD.

Officer comes, takes our statement, takes photos of both vehicles.

Says there’s been a lot of hit and run on campus lately.

About 20 minutes til kickoff now. Officer says we’re good to go, thanks us for calling it in.

Still nobody from RCT. A little disappointed but it’s understandable, as I didn’t make it to where I said I’d be.

- First Quarter -

I got the cheap tickets this year, in the bowl.

But we’re not sitting there.

Hence, “The View from Section 7.”

True freshman Khalil Herbert is starting at RB.

And Cozart at QB.

God help us.

Jayhawks in no-huddle hurry-up offense to start the game.

Student section putting out a decent showing.

There’s about five people in the visitor’s section wearing baby blue.

I mean, literally, five people.

Pretty much all of sections 23-26 is completely empty.

Not very many people at all in the upper section of the east side, even by the student section.

Jayhawks recover a fumbled punt, but even after converting for a TD, it’s obvious that the Offensive Line isn’t getting any push in the run game.

Willis came in on the second possession, underthrew Quiv, but Quiv made a great adjustment on the ball and got the TD reception.

But of course we snap the extra point over the holder’s head.


Willis in again on KU’s next possession.

After a 2-yard rush (sigh) and an incomplete pass, Willis checks down to the underneath route on 3rd-and-8. Quiv is tackled right away after a one-yard gain, and KU punts.

- Second Quarter -

Steven Sims drops a sure touchdown, but then two plays later hauls in a bomb from Cozart.

Only problem is, I thought that pass was gonna get picked off. Underthrown again, I betcha a Big 12 safety gets to that one.

Mrs. Mikeville, football expert that she is (yes that’s sarcasm), agrees.

It needs to be mentioned that every time the opposing offense faces a third down, a train whistle blows.


And annoying.

I don’t like it.

I also don’t like the “fake” tunnel (pictured above) leading out of the locker room up to the field.

One of the coolest things about KU football the last year or two was kids lining up outside the stadium for high-fives as the players headed towards the field.

Wyman misses a 31-yard field goal with 2:46 left until the half.

And the mass exodus begins (despite the Jayhawks up 27-6).

- Halftime -

Kansas is up three touchdowns but it just doesn’t feel like it.

Lots of underthrown balls (from both QBs).

No push from the OL on rushing attempts but decent pass protection.

Jeebus URI had 111 rushing yards in the first half.

Mitigated by 3 turnovers, but still, come on defense.

Let’s just say we’re lucky it’s Rhode Island.

Weird, the band didn’t make a PowerCat formation.

I thought it was normal to make the formation of a rival when you weren’t playing them.

Guess I have a lot to learn still.

- Third Quarter -

I dunno what the hell is going on with the depth chart.

Ke’aun Kinner was the third RB to enter the game for KU, and he’s been by far the best back to this point.

Cozart with a beautiful throw on a deep corner route to Tyler Patrick.

Still 9 minutes left in the third quarter and Kansas with a 28-point lead.

Btw, I’m perfect on my “RCT Bets the Big 12” so far.

Jayhawks looking good to cover 29 points, too.

Uh oh, they brought out the t-shirt cannon!

Danger, Will Robinson!

Ugh, talk about danger, Cozart with a terrible throw into the end zone to a wide-open URI player.

I mean, he was wide open. Not a Jayhawk within five yards of him.

No idea what Montell was thinking there.

Willis back in.

Steven Sims takes a WR screen pass and breezes through the URI secondary for an exhilarating 71-yard touchdown.

He looked really fast there, outrunning everybody.

41-6 now.

I still want to get into the 50s.

Mrs. Mikeville says I’m getting greedy and should be happy with 41.

“It’s more than they scored in any game last year.”

She’s right, but I don’t care.

Let’s do it.

- Fourth Quarter -

Carter Stanley makes an appearance at QB with 12 minutes left in the game.

Not sure how much he’s been playing, but four-star recruit Mike Lee just had his name called here in the fourth quarter.

Stanley leads a TD drive with two big throws to Chase Harrell.

Neither pass was a particularly great pass - underthrown again - but Harrell went and made plays on the balls in the air. So props to Harrell.

I feel like a lot of the big plays we had on offense tonight aren’t going to go against Big 12 defenses.

I also see DE Isaiah Bean in the game. Apparently he’s not going to redshirt after all.

Beaty really raved about Bean on signing day.

Keiton Perry in at QB now with 4 minutes left.

Probably just going to hand it off and run out the clock.

Final horn sounds - Jayhawks with the huge 55-6 win.

- Postgame -

The students look poised to rush the field, but they seem intimidated by security.

Three girls blow past the redshirts and head toward the players celebrating at midfield.

The rest of the student section follows.

P.A. announcer sounds annoyed.

He’s made several calls to “be classy” and “stay off the field.”

“We strongly encourage you to leave the field. The classiest way to celebrate this victory is to celebrate together, away from the goalposts, and off the field. Show your class. Show your expectation of winning. This is a new era of Kansas football where we expect to win.”

After several more pleas to leave the field, students begin heading back toward the east stands.

Most pause to take some selfies at midfield.

Goalposts are unharmed.

Big win, feels good.

Triple good, considering both K-State and Missouruh lost this weekend.

I wonder when the last time was that happened.

FYI, Rhode Island finished with 170 rushing yards. That’s only 59 in the second half.

Jayhawks with 570 yards of total offense.


Let’s go beat Ohio now.