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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Texas Tech

Come give us a prediction for tonight’s game, and then stick around for ours.

Texas Tech v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If it feels like you’ve heard a quip about the decision to show a Kansas game on national TV on a Thursday night several times before, it’s because you have. The short week forced them to cancel arts and crafts at RCT Academy for Football Fans Who Can’t Cheer Good and Want to Learn to Do Other Things Good Too, so there wasn’t really time to come up with more original quips. Instead, we all sat around talking about just how bad we think this game is going to look in front of EVERYONE. But before we get to that, we want to know how you think the game is going to go. Make sure to log a prediction, and then read on to see what our group had to say this week.

Fizzle406: not going to be a good one. I predict Cozart continues to get most of the snaps and Beaty keeps making head scratching decisions. Texas Tech 45, Kansas 6

Winmore: Tech can’t stop anybody on defense. They are seemingly unstoppable on offense. Kansas isn’t good enough on offense to take advantage of Red Raider shortcomings on D, and the Jayhawks aren’t good enough on defense - hampered greatly by Beaty’s non-stop, hurry-up three-and-out-fest version of the Air Raid - to hold Tech short on O. Bad combo. Texas Tech 77, Kansas 23.

David: I've seen nothing from Kansas leading me to believe they can score on a Big 12 team, even if it's a defense as bad as Tech’s. The Jayhawks will move the ball a little, especially in the second half when the game's out of reach, but not nearly enough to keep this competitive. Texas Tech 70, Kansas 17

dnoll5: National TV! Will the infinity symbol show up when this is posted? No? Ok, I’ll round down. Texas Tech 75, Kansas 3.

mikeville: Lol - dnoll thinks we’re going to make a field goal! I cry tears of joy if we make a field goal in a game. But ugh... I have no hope for this game. Like David said, we haven’t seen anything to lead us to believe that Kansas can score points on a Big 12 team. The only way is if Tech’s defense is as bad as Rhode Island (or Delaware State, amirite?). This looks to be our best chance this year (outside of Iowa State) to "light up" the scoreboard, because if we don’t score against Tech, we aren’t scoring against any Big 12 team. Texas Tech 63, Kansas 28.

misterbrain: Winmore makes a good point that the offense won’t help our D out very much, but Texas Tech doesn’t really go for the dink-and-dunk sustained drives that wear down your defenders. Instead they go for the home runs, and our defense should be able to get to some of those. The real question is going to be how well our offense can wear down their defense, because it’s a real possibility that the Red Raider defense is just as bad as Rhode Island. I’m not going crazy and expecting a Kansas upset, but they should be able to keep this one close for a while. I’m on record over at Viva the Matadors already, so I’ll keep it the same here. Texas Tech 54, Kansas 37