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43 Days Until Kansas Basketball: Recruits Visiting For Late Night, Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the Class of 2017 kids visiting for Late Night in the Phog. Today we take a look at the youngsters, aka class of 2018 and 19 kids (many of whom, by the way, were born in the year 2000 or later. I’m old.)


Bol Bol - F - Mission, KS (247 Composite Ranking: 12)

The son of the late Manute Bol, Bol Bol has game in his own right. He measured 7-2 with a 7-8(!) wingspan at the Elite 24 this year. He is incredibly raw, and still looks awkward out there, but that is to be expected from a not yet 17 year old who is a 7 footer. He is just over 200 lbs, so he needs to add strength, but fortunately Kansas has the best strength program in the country. He’s going to be an incredible rim protector, and probably the top target for Kansas in 2018.

Immanuel Quickley - G - Bel Air, MD (247 Composite Ranking: 16)

Quickley is maybe the top point guard in the class of 2017, so no doubt Kansas will want to snag him if possible. He has a pretty long wingspan and is 6-3, so he can be the type of combo guard Bill Self loves. Quickley struggled in the U-17 World Championships, but just making the team is obviously impressive. He isn’t a great shooter yet but could (should) develop into an impact defender.

Keenan Fitzmorris - F - Lenexa, KS (247 Composite ranking: 174)

Recruiting rankings are an inexact science, but Fitzmorris’s would obviously be a backup plan for the Jayhawks at this point. He doesn’t have an offer from Kansas yet but at nearly 7 feet it is easy to see how he could develop into a potential four year guy in Lawrence. As of yet he is mostly an energy guy around the basket, although he has flashed a bit of a jumper.


Grant Sherfield - G - Arlington, TX (247 Composite Ranking: 19)

Kansas currently is 100 percent in Sherfield’s crystal ball on 247, but it is of course very early and a lot can change between now and when he commits. As Sherfield is still not 17, a lot can and will change about his game as well. For now, he is a bit more of a scorer than anything with a nice jump shot, but there is obviously plenty of time to add to his game.

Brandon Williams - G - Encino, CA (247 Composite Ranking: 21)

Williams is currently 100 percent to Arizona in the Crystal Ball, but the same caveats apply as did to Sherfield. Williams is more of a pass first guy than Sherfield, and backed up that scouting report with this assist at Pangos Camp this year (I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that was a pass rather than a miss).

Markese Jacobs - G - Chicago, IL (247 Composite Ranking: N/A)

As a guy currently unranked, I don’t know a ton about him and haven’t read a ton about him. However, it appears he is incredibly athletic, so even at 5-11, you can see why Kansas would want him. He had a great summer this year, looks like a potential plus defender, and with his only other offers being from DePaul, Illinois-Chicago, and Illinois, Kansas might benefit from getting in on the ground floor.

Matthew Hurt - F - Rochester, MN (247 Composite Ranking: 4)

Kansas hasn’t done well with any notable big men from Minnesota recently, right? Anyway, Hurt doesn’t have much in comparison with Cole Aldrich. He is more of a perimeter guy and more offensively polished as a high schooler. He’s a pretty thin guy as of yet, but he’s obviously very young and has plenty of room to grow. He has a good jumper and can put the ball on the floor pretty well as well.

Jeremiah Robinson - F - Mission, KS (247 Composite Ranking: 32)

A high school teammate of Bol Bol, Robinson at Bishop Miege, Robinson is also the son of former Jayhawk Lester Earl. (I have seen his last name listed as both Robinson and Robinson-Earl. I will stick with Robinson for brevity’s sake unless someone from his family corrects me.) Robinson is one of the better athletes in the class of 2019 and I imagine will be quite a priority for the staff.

Zach Harvey - G - Topeka, KS (247 Composite Ranking: N/A)

Although he isn’t ranked, yet, Harvey has good size (6-4) and athleticism, and probably has a bit more to grow yet. He looks like a potential versatile defender, and he’s already shown off his scoring ability both as a shooter and a guy who can score at the rim. He grew up a KU fan, so I imagine Kansas has the inside track here.