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46 Days Until Kansas Basketball: Guessing At Some Totally Made Up Over/Unders

Fun with real numbers that I totally made up!

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(David) has done some over/unders for Kansas basketball in the past on our site, and given my abysmal record in predicting them, I figured I would both steal his idea and come up with some over/unders of my own:

Over/Under 1.5 finish in the Big 12 standings

Prediction: UNDER

Kansas has won 12 straight Big 12 titles. With Georges Niang, Buddy Hield, and maybe most importantly Devin Williams all gone, it looks like this should be one of the easier years in the streak. Kansas returns 3 starters, including probably its most important one, and replaces the two they lost with 2 McDonalds All Americans, including probably the #1 recruit in his class. West Virginia will still challenge with their depth and press, but Kansas should win the Big 12 comfortably.

Over/Under 2.5 conference losses

Prediction: OVER

Kansas lost 3 Big 12 games last year in one of the best years for the Big 12 in history, so it seems like a cinch that they should do better this year. But with TCU getting rid of the dead weight on its coaching staff, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State adding some talent, and the fact that Kansas seemingly can't win in Morgantown or Stillwater, and I think the Jayhawks will lose 3 or more.

Over/Under 17.1 ppg for Josh Jackson

Prediction: UNDER

If you have a sneaking suspicion that it is not a coincidence I picked 17.1 ppg, you would be correct. That is what Andrew Wiggins averaged in 2013-14 when he set the KU freshman record for points in a season. Jackson comes in with similar hype, and from what I can tell a similar skill set (although we can't really know until they play the actual games) but Wiggins had less with which to work. Sure he played next to one of the more unique prospects we have ever seen, but he was really only competing with Naadir Tharpe, freshman Wayne Selden, sophomore Perry Ellis, and Embiid for shots. Jackson meanwhile will have Mason and Graham, both who love to shoot, Carlton Bragg (who put up similar shot totals, percentage wise, to Perry) and Svi and Vick seem in line for some playing time. The three man in Bill Self's offense tends to be a bit more of a perimeter shooter type role (although Wiggins broke that mold a bit) and with Jackson's main weakness being his jumper, I don't think he will get enough points there and I don't think he will get enough plays run for him with the talent around him to get to 17.1.

Over/Under 15 minutes per game for Udoka Azubuike

Prediction: OVER

I honestly have no idea here. Cliff Alexander looked on track to earn more and more minutes two years ago before his mom decided a few bucks was worth ruining his NBA career, and Cheick Diallo never really got off the ground thanks in part to the NCAA (though Diallo himself earns his fair share of the blame). Cliff played 17.6 minutes per game, while Diallo was at just 7.5. This season Kansas looks pretty thin up front. Bragg and Lucas is undoubtedly the best frontcourt in the Big 12 (and come the end of the year I think will be one of the better ones nationally) but beyond that it is Dwight Coleby, who played sparingly at Mississippi and is coming off knee surgery, Mitch Lightfoot, who is a candidate to redshirt, and Azubuike, who has the body of a man (he measured 6-11.5 with a 7-5 wingspan at last year's Nike Skills academy) but is so young that he won't be able to enter the 2017 NBA Draft and really struggled against elite competition in the Hoop Summit, and is incredibly raw. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get fewer than 15 mpg, but necessity might push him out there.

185: Threes attempted by Devonte Graham

Prediction: OVER

Graham took 165 last year despite not emerging as the team's go to perimeter scorer until midway through the conference season, although it is worth noting Bill Self hasn't had a ton of prolific three point attempters at Kansas. Elijah Johnson attempted 204 in 2012, Tyrel Reed took 190 in 2011, and Sherron took 189 in 2010 and 205 in 2009. Graham, however, seems to tick all the boxes. He is a good shooter (43 percent for his career), can attempt them off the dribble, will play a lot, and obviously has the green light to shoot a lot.

5,000,000: Swear words uttered by me when Frank Mason drives into the heart of the defense despite having 10 seconds left on the shot clock and/or multiple guys to kick it out to for an open three

Prediction: OVER