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50 Days Until Kansas Basketball: Introducing the Preview

Thoughts? Ideas? Hit me up.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This is the intro to a 50 part series previewing the 2016-17 Kansas Basketball season. The goal is by the end of the series to have everyone not only excited for the season (that part should be easy) but also informed enough to where you can correct your friends at the bar (or coffee shop if you prefer) when they tell you Landen Lucas isn't a good interior defender or Kansas hasn't done a good job with one and dones or Mason and Graham turn it over too much.

I also come to you, commenters and readers, with a request. I can probably scrape 50 days worth of content (for example, we will be ranking the best rotation players again) but some of the posts probably wouldn't be very good. It would improve the preview greatly, and make it much more enjoyable to write, if I had some help in terms of ideas. So, if you have any ideas as to what you want me to write about, any topics you want explored, etc. either put your suggestion in the comments section, email fetch9 at gmail, or tweet @rockchalktalk or @moops. Go nuts.