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Kansas Football fan support continues to dwindle

Soon turned out had a heart of glass

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Memphis loss puts backing of many KU football fans on life support | Tale of the Tait |

It’s not so much that the fans can’t handle losing. If anything, they’ve become experts on how to do that. And, for the most part, I don’t think any of them are expecting a reversal of fortunes immediately. What they are expecting, however, is progress. And, whether it’s there during the offseason and practice or not, it’s not showing up on Saturdays and that is creating quite a problem when it comes to support.

Jayhawks survive Day 1 of Boot Camp | Tale of the Tait |

According to Lucas, a fifth-year senior who has been through several of these, Day 1 was a success on a lot of levels, but the KU forward believes that better days are ahead the rest of the week now that the anticipation is behind them.

KU sophomore Carlton Bragg confirms bigger, bulkier frame |

Listed in last season’s media guide at 6-foot-9, 220 pounds, Bragg said Monday that he actually played closer to 215 a season ago and now stands 6-10, 245.

Kansas Swimming picks up another verbal commit - Swimming World Magazine

Schultz should score in the Big 12 Conference Championship. Last season, she would have been an A finalist in the 100 butterfly and in the B final of the 100 and 200 freestyle and 200 butterfly.

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How Lamar Jackson went from 3-star recruit to Louisville superstar -

Louisville’s sophomore QB might've had a Heisman moment (or three) against Florida State. He’s surprised lots of us, but not the people who knew him back when.

Baylor says Shawn Oakman isn't allowed to make any more visits to the Bears' locker room -

The indicted former Bears player showed up in their locker room last week. The coach says he didn't recognize him, and the university now says Oakman isn't allowed to return.

Texas coach Charlie Strong will evaluate assistants after poor defensive showing

During Monday’s Big 12 teleconference, Texas coach Charlie Strong was asked about his defense and all he could do is sigh.

Iowa State Student Senate: Big 12 Championship Game Will Be Played in Des Moines, Iowa - Wide Right & Natty Lite

Look out Texas, there is a new bully of the Big 12 and their name is the Iowa State University Student Government.

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New Vikings stadium forces injured players to be carried through a sports bar to the locker room -

According to the Vikings, this is the shortest, quickest way to the locker room, although there is another tunnel that leads there. Peterson refused a cart on the sidelines, so trainers chose to take him through this bar area on floor level, where the footage of him was caught clearly by cameras. That's an unfortunate look.