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It's Friday in Jayhawk-land!

Ob la di ob la da life goes on bra

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- Kansas Sports -

KU Football Notebook |

KU defense not worried about who will get the most tackles; WR coach Phillips eager to see if Steven Sims' offseason commitment pays off; Willis continues development as collegiate QB

Downtrodden Jayhawks managing to stay upbeat -

With his upbeat personality, David Beaty comes across as a coach who has rarely had a bad day.

Throwback Thursday: Mike Rivera

Take a stroll down memory lane with Hanni as he's joined this week by former Kansas linebacker Mike Rivera.

KU men’s basketball slate complete with four Big Monday contests

For the 25th-consecutive season, dating back to 1992-93, every KU game will be televised nationally, including 24 contests on either ESPN or ESPN2.

Self: Opening Big 12 play in December significant, but conference had no choice |

KU coach Bill Self on Thursday told The Journal-World that the schedule had to be pushed back into December to make room for the SEC/Big 12 Challenge in late January.

KU guard Frank Mason needs your help | Tale of the Tait |

So what say you, KU fans? Are you guys feeling Frank with or without the headband for the 2016-17 season?

Volleyball - No. 4 Kansas showcases stout defense entering home opener

Although the Jayhawks showed glimpses of an elite offense in the opening weekend, it was the defense that shined the brightest.

- College Sports -

Even as things change, it's more of the same with Big 12 expansion talk | Tale of the Tait |

Did anyone actually think that East Carolina, UNLV, New Mexico, Boise State, Arkansas State, Northern Illinois or even San Diego State truly had a shot at getting in?

Penn State plans to honor Joe Paterno with a commemorative gameday promotion -

This fall, the school will pay an organized tribute to the man whose 46-year run leading the program ended in 2011 amid the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. (Mr. Ed says: How long until Baylor "commemorates" Art Briles?)

The cord-cutter's guide to (legally) watching college football -

Wanna save a few bucks and still catch almost every game? It's pretty simple, and you can use a lot of this stuff for other sports, shows, and movies, too.

Tennessee beat App State in overtime thanks to its QB fumbling for a touchdown -

Mr. Ed says: App State's clock management was worse than Andy Reid's.

Why Kansas State is a worthy challenge for Christian McCaffrey -

For much of the world, the expectation is that this is an opportunity for Christian McCaffrey to begin his second Heisman campaign with a delightful romp over an overmatched foe. In reality, this game might prove to be a real test.

Q&A with Bring On The Cats: Previewing Stanford-Kansas State - Rule Of Tree

Stanford is used to stealing headlines with its band, but the Kansas State band caused a stir last season. Is that a typical performance from the Wildcats' band, or are they usually more sedate?

A Typical Conversation with a K-State Fan - Rock Chalk Talk FanPost

A lot of you guys don't live in Kansas or the KC area anymore. And because of that, I'm guessing you miss out on gems like this.

- Professional Sports -

Nothing bugs the Royals like doubters, and they've still got plenty left

They were 51-58. Eleven games back of Cleveland in the American League Central. Seemingly, to all rational minds, hopelessly gone.

- Videos of the Day -

Minor league batter watches foul ball spin 15 feet back into fair territory for an out -

Las Vegas' Eric Campbell cued a ball right off the end of the bat. At first it looked like it was headed for the dugout. Then the spin took over and Campbell watched from home as the ball slowly, but surely tracked back into fair territory. It end up fair, and became the easiest out of the game.

WATCH: Table tennis player goes behind-the-back to take opponent's soul -

If there's ever an "And 1 Mixtape" tour for table tennis, this kid is going to be the main attraction.

The Millenials Song

Mr. Ed says: This. Is. Amazing.