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Memphis Tigers destroy Kansas Football 43-7


NCAA Football: Kansas at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t let the score fool you, the Kansas defense played very, very well against Memphis. They held the Tigers to four field goal attempts, forced numerous three-and-outs, and frequently disrupted the Memphis offensive line.

But when your offense is circus music or Benny Hill theme bad, you just can’t help but laugh.

Before you could blink it was 19-0 Memphis. Well, that’s not fair. It wasn’t 19-0 until the second quarter, as the aforementioned defense admittedly gave up a few big plays but held Memphis to one touchdown and three field goal attempts (two good) in the first quarter.

Then KU scored on a big play but Montell Cozart just refused to let the Jayhawks be competitive, dropping (not fumbling) the ball on an option play and throwing an absolutely inexcusable interception right before the half.

Kansas had four turnovers IN THE FIRST HALF.

The second half was basically Memphis just running out the clock whenever they had the ball.

As bad as Cozart was, a lot of this is on Beaty for continuing to run him out there. Cozart even returned to the game at the end of the third quarter! WHY?

Just for good measure, Cozart went ahead and tossed another INT in the 4th quarter before finally yielding to Carter Stanley.

In a valiant attempt to match their first half production, the Jayhawks only gave the ball away twice in the second half to finish the game with 6 turnovers.

But like I mentioned earlier, the defense actually played well. Memphis was only 3/14 on third downs. The Jayhawks kept the Tigers under 400 yards of total offense. The defense made adjustments quickly in the first quarter.

Conversely, this is the second straight game that the offense has failed to generate any kind of consistency with sustaining drives. Something is not working. Yeah, we’re only three games into the season, but something has to change, so let’s start with the quarterback and the playcaller. After all, Rob Likens was hired for a reason, wasn’t he?

I’m already sick and tired of the screens, quick hitches, and plays in the flat. Get the ball down the field. And someone teach the offensive line how to run block.

The “easy” portion of the schedule is done. Now we start Big 12 play on Thursday, Sept 29 at Texas Tech.

To sum it up, let’s go live to David Beaty:

Yes, indeed.

Buckle up, buckaroo.