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Greatest Kansas Football Players of All-Time Bracket: The Sweet 16

Let’s see who made it!

Whittemore scrambles for yards Photo by Dave Kaup/Getty Images

Time for another look at the bracket!

KU Football Player Bracket Sweet 16

If that’s difficult to view, click here for the Imgur link.

It’s been a march of favorites so far, with only two potential “Cinderella” candidates remaining. 6-seed James Sims moved past 3-seed June Henley in the RB bracket, while 5-seed David Jaynes got by 4-seed Bobby Douglass.

Good luck voting from here on out; we’ve got some really good players and the decisions are going to get infinitely more difficult.

With only 15 matches left to go, what matchups left are you looking forward to (or dreading) having to vote in?

So far, Todd Reesing and Nolan Cromwell are the only two to advance unanimously. The fighting Mrkonics finally fell in the second round to Willie Pless supporters in the most commented match of the tournament.

We’ll do one more round of voting in the comments section, after which we’ll return to an embedded poll.