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Kansas vs Ohio: The View from Section 5

A Twitter-esque, first-person recap of KU’s 37-21 loss at the hands of Ohio.

NCAA Football: Ohio at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

What a beautiful day! Should be a perfect day for football.

About 10:45, finally get into Lot 36.

Getting set up, it is indeed a beautiful fall day in Lawrence.

Got the folks with me this weekend. Gonna hit the volleyball game after the football game.

The volleyball tickets cost 3 times what I paid for their football tickets.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, you should regret not joining me.

FLJhawk just showed up with a lot of people.

Sorry pal, I haven’t seen any snakes. But have a beer.

My old man and his old man are talking about farming and crops.

I know I should be interested, but I’m not.

My folks head down to the stadium a about an hour before kick.

The rest of us head down about 30 mins until kickoff.

Found a spot in the shade in Section 5 today... in Row 60!

Oh well, it’s a great view up here. And much better than roasting in the sun on these bleachers.

Here we go.


Oh look there goes their QB up the middle for 56 yards.


And seven plays into the game we’re losing.

Cozart starting at QB again.


Well we forced an Ohio punt but have the ball on our own 1-yard line.



Wyman with a touchback on the free kick, wow.

Say what you want but the kid has a leg.

And Ohio drives all the way down and scores again.

They only had to convert one 3rd down on that drive.

Willis in for Cozart.

Lol three-and-out again. WTF.


It’s 22-0 and still 12 minutes until halftime.

I missed it, are we playing Ohio State today?

A first down!

Thanks to a personal foul penalty on Ohio.

Jayhawks going for a 4th-and-3 from the Ohio 36.


Ohio adds 3 more, now 25-0. Six minutes until half.

But Quiv runs back the kick for a touchdown!


Kid has wheels.

Defense forced a three-and-out.

And Quiv muffs the punt. Ohio ball on the 24-yard line.


But the D forces another field goal. 28-7 now.

KU three-and-out again.


This is becoming a theme.

I feel like Beaty mismanaged the clock at the end of the first half here. Ohio had a 4th down, we could have called timeout with 45 seconds left and tried to do something.

Let’s see if the crowd boos the team off the field.

Nope – there are people standing and cheering.


You guys know we’re losing, right?


It’s band day.

There’s not very many bands here today, like maybe eight? Isn’t there usually twice that number?

Only saw Willis on that one drive in the first quarter.

Ugh, 15 passing yards and 6 rushing yards for 21 yards of total offense in the first half.

One first down that came on an Ohio penalty.

Why can’t we have nice things?


At least we get the ball first.

Second play of the half is a long touchdown pass to Sims!

Where has that been all day?

Defense forces a punt. Here we go.

And Quiv muffs another one.


Damn, dude. Just catch the ball.

That’s two, Quiv. The defense has gotten better, they’re forcing punts. You gotta catch the damn ball.

Yet another field goal for Ohio.

Their kicker may get first team All-American this year.

Finally, the offense puts together an actual drive, capped by another touchdown toss to Sims.

Basically if your last name is “Sims” you should probably come play for KU.

Jayhawks within 10 now.

Another punt!

Offense got a first down but we had to punt it back. Dude shanked it, too.

Fish picks ‘em off in the end zone!

Fish couldn’t decide if he was gonna run it out or not. Ran around for a few seconds but eventually took a knee.

Jayhawks punting again and bungle the snap.


Lol another Bobcat field goal.

The defense has been on the field A LOT but isn’t letting us get blown out.


Cozart picked off but a personal foul on Ohio wipes it out.

Talk about a bail-out. AIG’s got nuthin compared to KU right now.

But we punt anyway. Probably waving a white flag here, maybe shoulda gone for it.

Time is running out.

Ohio just held the ball for over 10 minutes of clock time on another drive that ended in a field goal.

This is effectively over.

And now it’s official. Jayhawks fall 37-21.

I don’t even want to bother with a postgame. That was terrible.

Stupid kool-aid.

On to volleyball.


Northern Iowa is literally a team of mostly 5’10” blonde girls.

Kansas should – should – dominate tonight.

There’s a girl in the pep band playing the sousaphone. You don’t see that every day.

KU jumps out to a big lead in the first set and goes up 23-18 late, but allows UNI to tie it up at 24-all.

Jayhawks close it out in the next two points though.

The band is actually a big part of what makes Horejsi such a great atmosphere. They’re so into it, it’s really fun to watch.

UNI takes the early lead at 7-5 in set 2, but Kansas shortly ties it up and wins 8 points in a row to take this one easily.

That’s how this entire match should go.

Third set going back and forth, neither squad can get a lead bigger than 3 points.

Jayhawks win five of the final seven points to take this one, 25-23.

Three-set sweep complete, and on to the next one.