A Typical Conversation with a K-State Fan

A lot of you guys don't live in Kansas or the KC area anymore. And because of that, I'm guessing you miss out on gems like this. Part of it is my fault for having friends that are K-State fans. I've known this guy for almost 20 years. We're actually really good friends. We have lunch together almost every week.

But he gets weird from September through March or so. I mean, like clockwork, it happens every year.

Anyway, I hadn't heard from him for a couple of days, and Wednesday afternoon I receive a text message that started... whatever this was.

What follows is the unaltered text exchange (I have the screenshots to prove it).


HIM: Going to look really bad when cozart isn't the starting quarterback, geez.......... Dineen and Cozart juniors both voted captain #kufball

ME: Don't forget who you're talking to

ME: I honestly think he's going with Carter Stanley

HIM: Ugh, poor ku football. Did you hear the hilarious part of beatty's interview stating the only reason they lost out on Bledsoe was because of the outdated locker room, lmao

ME: Enjoy your 4-8 season

HIM: Haha, want to bet on who has more wins this year? I'll even let you combine last year's win totals with this years vs kstate wins this year?

ME: Oh what a generous offer

HIM: Is that a no?

ME: Only if we multiply k-state's national titles to your win total

HIM: Since you were born? ???

ME: All-time

ME: Go ahead and look up how many national titles K-State has in all sports combined. I'll wait.


HIM: Or how about we compare winning % ku vs kstate since joining the big 12...or even bill Snyder winning % vs ku...other not worried

ME: Keep comparing yourself to KU, little brother

ME: I'm glad my schools identity isn't wrapped around what the other school in the state does


HIM: Mine isn't either, just ku ppl think that's the case

ME: Obviously

HIM: You started the discussion: "Enjoy your 4-8 season"

ME: Hardly. YOU started the discussion! "Going to look really bad when Mozart isn't starting" then "poor KU football"

ME: Lol Mozart. Good one autcorrect.

HIM: Haha, u wish your qb was someone name cozart...I just figured you use that info for your blog, mr editor

HIM: I mean "Mozart"

ME: Mr. Editor is right, don't you forget it. I knew that info yesterday.

HIM: We all did, just making sure



KSU fan: Haha, look at KU, they suck!

Me: You suck too.

KSU fan: Nuh uh, not as bad as you do.

Me: Yeah, ya do.

KSU: Whatever, you started it!

Me: You literally started it.

KSU: NUH UH!!!!!!