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Former KU Assistant suspended for recruiting player accused of sexual assault

Gary Hyman has been suspended two games by Indiana State

Last year’s Kansas special teams coordinator, Gary Hyman, has been suspended two days by his new employer, Indiana State. He is currently on Indiana State’s staff in the same role he served at KU: special teams and tight ends coach. He was demoted to a non-coaching position after the 2015 season, and elected to leave for Indiana State instead. The two day suspension will include the day of the team’s first game this season.

More notable than the suspension itself is the reason behind it, which also has ties to the University of Kansas. Hyman brought Jordan Goldenberg to Indiana State along with him. Goldenberg was recently revealed to be the previously-unnamed Kansas football player accused of sexually assaulting two members of the Kansas rowing team, incidents that are at the heart of a lawsuit currently being leveled against the University.

The suspension was first reported by the Tribune Star in Terre Haute, Indiana. No local news outlets have reported this at time of publishing.

Per Indiana State’s Athletic Director Sherard Clinkscales, Hyman was suspended after it came to their attention that Hyman was Goldenberg’s position coach at the time he was kicked off the team following the allegations, but never disclosed this information when recruiting Goldenberg to Indiana State as a walk-on.

No criminal charges have been brought against Goldenberg, but he has now been dismissed by both the Kansas and Indiana State football teams due to the accusations.