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Jayhawks ready for Rhode Island

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

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- Kansas Sports -

Know Your Foe: Rhode Island

The voice of the Kansas Jayhawks, Brian Hanni, visits with this week's opponent in Know Your Foe, a weekly segment from and the Jayhawk Radio Network. As Kansas prepares for its season opener at home against Rhode Island, Hanni caught up with Rams analyst Terry Lynch.

Curb your enthusiasm: Jayhawks don't want to play overexcited |

An overzealous approach might have been unavoidable for many KU players this time last year, with so many entering the season lacking college football experience. Kansas used 39 first-time players a year ago, tying Florida State for the national lead. Likewise, KU eventually played 33 first-time starters in 2015, tying Central Florida for the most in FBS.

Matt Tait: Weekend challenge for KU football fans: Protect the posts |

I understand the starvation and frustration of the fan base. And I realize it’s much more fun to unleash a wild celebration than it is to walk out of there like you expected what happened to take place. So by all means, celebrate your faces off. Hug, high-five, smile, swoon, stick around for a little post-game tailgate. I’m even OK with Beaty getting the Gatorade bath. It will be his first win as a college coach, after all. But save the tired old goalpost tradition for a Big 12 upset.

Women's Soccer - Kansas set for Friday night bout with Huskers

Kansas, boasting a three-match unbeaten streak, will meet Nebraska for the 22nd time in program history. Kickoff from NU's Barbara Hibner Field is set for 7 p.m.

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Big Ten makes right call in saying so long to teams like Furman - Detroit Free Press

MSU's matchup will Furman Friday is likely its last against FCS competition, as Big Ten beefs up its nonleague schedules.

Candid Coaches: Which college coach would you want coaching your own son? -

There was a close race for who coaches say they would want coaching their own sons.

Candid Coaches: Who's the college coach you'd most like to have a beer with? -

We asked which coach would be the most fun to hang out with and trade war stories at the bar.

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If you want to see Vikings' first official game at new stadium, pay up

“You can’t buy a ticket to the Green Bay game to save your soul,” Sue Arcand of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, which owns and operates the stadium, told the USA Today Network in Wisconsin.

Top EA executive on ‘NCAA Football’: ‘One day, I know we’ll be back’ -

Players shouldn't have their likenesses used for free. Gamers who want to guide Eastern Michigan to a Big Ten championship and College Football Playoff shouldn't be deprived any longer. Let's figure this out.