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K-Uniform 2016 Preview

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s once again time to look at the uniforms for Kansas football and make a few predictions as to what they should and could wear, along with what they absolutely shouldn’t wear.

Rhode Island is the first opponent, and KU usually looks pretty good on the first game of the season. Last year, KU went blue from head to toe. In 2014, The Jayhawks went with the red lids, blue jerseys, and white pants. Both great choices. The more I see the all blue look, the more I like it. I’d prefer if KU went Blue/Blue/White to start the season, but if they don’t the all blue is my favored choice.

Official Prediction: All Blue

The second game of the year features the green and white clad Ohio Bobcats, so KU should utilize as much blue as possible. In the second game last season against Memphis, KU broke out the white helmets, and it would be a great choice again for the second home game. If they mimic the white/blue/white look, I’d be happy. Basically, anything with a lot of blue (this will be a trend) will do.

Official Prediction: Blue/Blue/White

Next, KU heads to Memphis. It would be a great chance to wear some red…but not too much red. Each of the past few seasons, KU has broken out the red/white/red look that I personally do not like one bit. Either way, I think the ‘Hawks will sport some red; I just hope it’s conservative.

Official Prediction: Red/White/Blue

KU stays on the road after that and heads to Lubbock to take on the Red Raiders. This is the first conference game and it would be a perfect time for KU to break out a traditional road look. Whether that’s blue/white/blue, the blue/white/grey, or the more recent tradition of white/white/white on the road, KU should try to look sharp in front of national audience on a Thursday in prime time.

Official Prediction: White/White/White

Kansas then returns home to Memorial Stadium with a battle with TCU. You never know what uniform combo TCU will wear, but KU should try to go as traditional as possible (always really, but more so when they play teams with untraditional uniforms). If my predictions are right (they won’t be), and KU doesn’t repeat a combination, then the next logical step will be to add the white helmet or grey pants at home. They both look good, but my vote goes to the grey pants.

Official Prediction: Blue/Blue/Grey

Next up: a trip to Baylor. This is another case of “these guys will probably wear some weirdo combo so we should look normal,” and I think Kansas will. Since we’ve already eliminated all white, let’s hope KU goes with their best road look in this one.

Official Prediction: Blue/White/Blue

Two years ago, the last time KU hosted Oklahoma State, the Jayhawks wore blue/blue/grey and looked fantastic. Since I’ve already predicted that, I’ll go with another clean look that the Jayhawks should utilize more often.

Official Prediction: White/Blue/White

Kansas travels to Oklahoma the next week in what could be one of the best looking matchups (from an aesthetic point of view, probably not a football point of view) of the season. OU has some of the classiest looking uniforms in the sport and KU would be well served to look classy as well while trying a combination on the road that we haven’t seen for a very long time in an actual game.

Official Prediction: Blue/White/White

Travelling to West Virginia is always an experience, and at this point in the season, KU usually tries a few new things from a uniform perspective. It’s highly unlikely that the ‘Hawks will unveil a new element on the road, so why not try something they haven’t done before?

Official Prediction: Red/White/White

There are only two more home games to go for KU to try something radical with their uniforms. Will this be the game that they finally go “full Jayhawk” on us with that helmet that looks like the Jayhawk head with the yellow facemask resembling the beak? God, I hope not, but I could see it. This prediction is going to be a little out there, but who cares, I’ve already gotten all the rest wrong anyway.

Official Prediction: New Helmet/Blue/Blue/Yellow socks and shoes to represent the Jayhawk’s boots

The final home game of the year is the ideal time for the most underrated look of 2015 to make an appearance in 2016. KU looked spectacular in blue/red/grey last season against West Virginia and I hope I see it again this year.

Official Prediction: Blue/Red/Grey

The final game is against “rivals” K-State and what better way to go out than to mimic the uniforms of the last team to beat KSU in Manhattan?

Official Prediction: Blue/White/Grey

Let’s hope that predicting uniforms isn’t the most positive aspect of the 2016 season, as it was for most of 2105. Feel free to add your comments in the section below. What combos do you hope to see KU wear this year? Do you even care as long as they field a better product?